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    New HBO show: The baby

    "....unexpected chaos Natasha encounters is the sudden appearance of her very own baby, as in The Baby. It's certainly not a baby she asked or planned for – not only is she uninterested in becoming a mother, she has zero desire to spend any significant amount of her time around kids, period. Yet here it is, a baby who literally falls into her life, and won't let her go. No matter how many ways she tries to get rid of him, he boomerangs right back to her."

    "And not only is the infant impossible to avoid, but also, it's cursed: Certain people who come in close contact with this baby for too long seem to be met with horrific fates."

    "The darkly ironic conceit is a refreshingly twisted spin on the trope of "hardened adult becomes guardian to precocious kid," except mercifully, this version eschews a saccharine interpretation where the adult softens and learns to love life."

    "Regardless of one's attitude toward children, though, plenty of other viewers are likely to connect with the disheartening reality of feeling forced into parenthood because of forces completely out of their immediate control. The baby isn't just a manifestation of one of Natasha's worst nightmares, but a blunt, effective metaphor for the historical policing of women's bodies. Apt parallels to the government's stripping away of abortion access act both in the past and present — but especially now, and here in the United States where Roe v. Wade is now all but extinct — abound, and are rendered by the writers in terrifying ways both explicit and implicit." -

    As an unwanted child, myself, I am going to be checking this one out. You? Thoughts?
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    I haven’t heard of this! Sounds interesting.