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OT: False Screening Report- Any Ideas?? Help!

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  • OT: False Screening Report- Any Ideas?? Help!

    A third-party screening company falsified a renter’s background check. We don’t know if they did it through negligence/laziness or bad information (but the current apartment management said they never filled out the reference form, and subsequently DID fill one out accurately and faxed it to them). But, the screening agency has no interest in fixing this and will not change their findings. To them , the case is closed. There’s no hope of getting an apartment now!! A new job and relocation is at stake! What can we do??

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    I would consult an attorney.

    I have no experience or education on this topic, and therefore no advice.

    It was never this difficult when I was coming up. My own adult kids are struggling with housing requirements in this current market. It is crazy-making and I so hate it for you.


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      It’s infuriating that we have to pay for an attorney because some pencil pusher filled out a form wrong and no one at that company will speak to her (my daughter)! I know none of us specialize in this realm; just reaching out here just in case a voice of experience or fresh eyes could help. You ladies always have “why didn’t I think of that” advice!
      I have to give kudos to my daughter: she stayed on top of this every step. Daily phone calls to multiple offices…walking down to her apt mngmnt and sticking around to watch them complete the form and fax it…getting copies. Calling the screening company and trying her best to work up and down the chain (they said they couldn’t let her talk to the actual screeners but “would pass along the update”). The screening company, after so many calls, finally today SAID they fixed the report. She’s still staying on top of things to confirm that….while holding a FT job where she can’t make private calls and finishing her grad degree. Girl has got what it takes! Just so frustrating when the person on the other end of the phone can said “Nope” and that’s that! She’s up here and they’re down there holding all the reins.