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  • What Do You Do About Teachers?

    I'm currently interviewing families and I have a teacher that seems nice. The only thing is that I'm on the fence about is not getting paid during the Summer and breaks. I'd rather not coordinate an extra family for a school aged child to fill in the gaps. Do any of you do anything differently? Like charge a flat rate or something?
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    Option #1
    Charge her the full year tuition but divide it by 9 months to account for the 3 months she’s off for summer. Bill regular rates as normal during school year. So if you charge other parents for days school is closed during year, bill her the same way.


    Option #2
    Require payment through summer as normal if she wants to return in Fall.
    Child can attend or not.


    Option #3
    Require a weekly holding fee through the summer months to hold space for Fall

    She could choose not to return at all in Fall so I would personally bill according to option #1


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      A provider that I know says that she charges the teachers a higher amount then the others. For example if she's charging others 30 a day then she charges teachers 40, then doesn't charge them during the summer.

      You can put the extra $10 a day aside for the summer.
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        It doesn't matter to me what the parent does for a living or why they're taking their child out of daycare. I give parents the option: pay to hold the spot and be guaranteed that spot when you want to return or take a chance and hope that I have an opening when you want to return. I have no problem taking them back if they left on good terms and I have an opening. I understand a parent not wanting to pay for a spot they're not using. I just can't afford to hold a spot for someone who isn't paying me so I will work to fill their spot. Most families seem to understand.

        My teachers often bring their kids at least part time during the summer since many are working other jobs, taking classes, doing the home repairs, cleaning and organizing they couldn't get to during the school year or just catching a break. Most have also said it's easier in the long run to keep the kids on their normal schedule so there's no need for a big adjustment period in the fall.


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          I only offer enrolled or not enrolled. They pay the full rate, every Monday, or they are not enrolled.

          They can attend or not attend, it is their slot to use as they wish.

          Currently my teachers tend to come 2-3 days per week so they can take their older kids to activities their younger sibling won't enjoy. They will get to do those with the younger siblings when the older siblings no longer enjoy them. Fair is fair. 5+ year age gaps can be tough without this option.

          Sometimes they only bring one child and keep the other for one on one time, then reverse it the next day. Some days they drop them off so they can go home home and stare at a wall to catch their breath, they have that ability, too. I remind them often to use some of those days for couples time, too.


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            There are so many ways to offer contract/rates. It's really depends on what's important or needed... by YOU.

            Personally, I have offered two types contracts: full year or school year only. This is one of the very first questions I ask potential families when they contact me. I tell families that every client here has different needs and therefore, different weekly fees and terms.

            If they want a school year only contract, I charge more weekly, as well as forfeiting their enrollment fee for the summer months. So it all evens out.

            However, we're at the end of the school year right now, so I would quote them the higher weekly fee PLUS a double (forfeited) enrollment for summer OR they can pay throughout the summer and attend. I would let them know that come August, they would need to repay the enrollment fee, but it would be $X (the regular amount). If they question why the summer hold is double, I say it's to accommodate for my lost wages since enrolling so late in the school year wouldn't allow me enough time to find a short term client to fill that position and still hold their slot.

            I never, ever disclose what OTHER families pay and it's in their contract that fees and terms are personal and confidential.


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              Yes every family pays differently.