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  • Mother’s Day

    Do any of you plan to do anything special for Mother’s Day? I have nothing planned and I don’t think I’m going to plan anything either. I debated on maybe getting styrofoam cups and planting a flower, but it’ll likely die before they replant it.

    I’ve trimmed a lot back this year. With pre-school, I really don’t have the time to do crafts.

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    Bing images : Preschool crafts

    It always works when I am lacking creativity.


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      I have an oriental trading craft with a pic. I usually provide juice/water with doughnuts/honey buns, for moms on Friday morning.


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          I usually have the kids make "keepsake cards", using their fingerprints or handprints and I include a questionnaire with questions about their moms that the kids answer. I totally spaced on Mother's Day this year, though. I thought I had another week! Was going to start working on cards today but we had another watermain break so I had to close early. Tuesdays are usually crazy busy with little time to do crafts so...not sure what I'm going to have time to do with the kids this year but we'll see what happens.