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    Heyy People lol maybe you guys can give me advice on how to handle parents who aren't helping their child become self sufficient. Now the Convo gets a little tricky when talking about 3 year old but in this case I find no excuse. Mind you parents came in with the Advanced label for their child when the only thing advanced is his talking. Granted he knows all the basic skills shapes numbers colors and the alphabet but it stopped right there. He was still using his hands to eat, not potty trained but wears a pull up but has no clue how to pull it up or down, cannot put jacket, shoes, or hat on or off, still does baby talk when talking to parents. I've tried numerous times to give them advice to help with these things along with allowing him to do the easiest things on his own. Everything I've taught him is going no where because they just won't do it at home and they do not like to hear what he does not know . At this point I feel like he's just taking up time and space and may need to find new care . What do you think?

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    Most of my kids/families are like this. I teach them self help skills and independence here. Most of them carry it over at home - but some don’t. Probably because of the parent’s desire to feel “needed.” Regardless, when the kid is here, he/she knows what is expected of them. I have shocked a parents when they learn their child can get down from my bar height kitchen table with a bowl of milk (after finishing their cereal) and walk it over to the sink (that they can hardly reach) and put it in the sink without spilling a drop of milk. 😂

    I only have one that is 4YO and capable of reading (yes, reading!) but he is not capable of taking off his sweatshirt. I think there is more going on there though.


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      Originally posted by JaeB View Post
      At this point I feel like he's just taking up time and space and may need to find new care . What do you think?
      Depends on the type of program you have.

      I teach preschool but it’s provided as part of my care.
      My program is listed/licensed as “family child care” so I ‘care’ first and teach second.
      I still share with parents info regarding development and missed/met milestones but honestly they’re assistance isn’t always part of it.

      Some parents want to be involved. Some don’t. Some parents don’t know how to be involved.
      Sometimes, you can only provide safe care and can’t count on parents to do more than the basics.

      If the child requires a referral, you should definite make one with or without parental agreement.
      My area early intervention program asks us if parents are or aren’t on board with the need for referral.