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    Does anyone tutor in addition to providing daycare? I have a DCB aging out this summer and am considering replacing him with a few tutoring clients. I switched from full-time to part-time daycare within the last year and really like having a few days a week to spend with my own kids. The part-time schedule is weird and I'm unlikely to find another family to match that exact schedule.

    If I tutor in the same space I use for daycare, can I include that income as "daycare" income or would it need to be calculated separately without the benefit of using time/space deduction? My understanding is that you can't count the same space for two separate businesses.

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    In my state any child that I receive any kind of income from is considered part of my child care. So if I were to tutor a child, I would have to stay within my ratio and complete all the paperwork as if they were part of the daycare, even if my daycare was closed for the day.

    Look at this way you are offering child care with a bonus of tutoring. So say the child arrives at 10:00 a.m., offer them a snack and then get down to business. They leave at noon, reward them for doing good with another snack and record it the two meals on your taxes.



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      I teach adult classes and document that income under "other income". II document the hours under "other hours" if inside my home. If outside my home I document milage.