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Winding Down - Final Two Weeks, Then I'm Done

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  • Winding Down - Final Two Weeks, Then I'm Done

    I admit something I didn't think I would feel. I will miss these little ones. I will even miss their parents. I'd like to try and stay involved with childcare without signing myself and my home up for constant germs. Maybe I will work part time or offer a mom and dad date-night service. I've learned a lot about how I'm not very good at putting up boundaries and sticking up for myself or my policies. That needs to change. Whatever next business I get into, I'll have this lesson and others with me. That's got to be a win, right? Opening and closing, and then, opening and closing again has made all this feel like a giant waste of time and resources. Can you tell? I'm a positive person, naturally. lol

    This forum has also changed my political views a bit. Now I believe the universal childcare push is just to get more people working so more money can be spent on consumer goods. I believe I learned that from catherder. I think little ones should be at home with a parent for the first three years of life. After that, put them in school where they learn the basics. And by basics, I mean sharing, getting in line, taking turns, eating with utensils, playing without direction, and a whole lotta time spent outside and in deep discussion with whoever will listen about the world they see.

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    Glad this forum has given you some different view to think about. I know the forum is about childcare but we can't help voicing our views here on other topics. That is a good thing. which is hard to find these days - polite and respectful conversation.

    I don't think anything is a waste of time if some new insight is attained. Good luck in your new direction.


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      Thank you, Michael. That's a good point!

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    Always growing, always learning.

    I was unable to make direct eye contact and said "I'm sorry" non-stop because of my childhood. I always put my needs last, because anything else would be viewed as selfish. Building your backbone, finding your voice, seeking conflicting viewpoints, and putting your family and yourself first all come with age and experience. As long as you stay open, you will forever be learning.

    Good luck on whatever path you chose, you will always feel stronger because you will always have this career as a backup. Options breed the courage of convictions.