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Moderate Tongue Injury

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  • Moderate Tongue Injury

    24 month old arrived today for care. Parents are out of town at hospital with major medical crisis. Grandparents are doing home care and drop off/pick up.

    24 month old fell flat on their face within 15 minutes of arriving. Typically expected amount of blood for a tongue bite. Blood stopped almost immediately and child was up and playing again. Could not persuade child to show me their tongue but I could tell that the lip and tip of tongue were fine and no teeth seemed to be involved, so I figured the bite was in the center of the tongue. I took the bloody shirt off the child and put a note into Brightwheel.

    An hour later, I was able to get the child to stick the tongue out. The bite is narrow, the width of a pinky finger nail, and deep so it's open. Tongue can't be photographed because the child is 24 months and really into not being compliant about this.

    I texted the parent who's not currently in a hospital bed and put the grandmother into the loop. I said that I saw no need for pick up at this time because it's only severe tongue bites that get sutured up, and trying to keep the child from picking at their tongue is going to be the same whether the child is at home or here. I was able to get them to open their mouth so I could tip a little bit of salt water into it, which they hated and they kept trying to grab their tongue afterward. They are playing as normal, which includes continually attempting to grab their tongue or make silly faces and sounds, which keeps making the wound well with blood again but it's not actively bleeding. This is a kid who was still firmly in the oral exploration phase and I'm so not into this whole situation but I guess we're here for the duration.

    My plan is to adapt my menu for the week to mostly be squishy foods, and to only give firm/crunchy/grainy foods to the other kids.

    Any opinions on all this?
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    Oh my god they're jumping up and down with their tongue stuck way out

    This is gonna be a helluva week I'm gonna have to spend the whole week keeping them distracted and moving rapidly from one activity to another


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      I had a DCB awhile back that bit their tongue so badly they looked like they had a forked tongue. Surprisingly it healed at lightening speed. Dr said there is something in saliva that promotes healing and that mouth injuries will heal at a much faster speed than other injuries so I'd just let it be. If the child complains of it hurting while eating, adjust the foods but otherwise, I'd just manage it by watching it with supervision as to whether or not it's getting worse. If not, I bet it's healed by end of week.


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        Originally posted by Blackcat31 View Post
        I had a DCB awhile back that bit their tongue so badly they looked like they had a forked tongue.
        You're gonna have to come over and watch these kids for me because I'm so horrified that my spirit has left my body and now I'm dead. I do NOT do mouth things. My daughter keeps pulling her own teeth once they start wiggling and then trying to show me the bloody holes.