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    Man it feels like all my posts are issues. I seriously haven't had this many issues at one time with a group. So here it goes. I have an almost 3 yr old girl who are is a whiner in general but usually I can redirect and she finds things to do and does well except she has started to single out one specific child that is younger than her. She will take things from her, roar in her face, tell her stop even if this child isn't doing anything to her. I have tried many things, keeping them separated in different activities, sitting with them playing, doing centers, she always sneaks an finds a way to do something, playdough time today, sitting opposite on table she walks down there and takes a toy from her hand. Any suggestions I can do? She has been in daycare all her life. Mom blames older cousins . Help any ideas please

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      That sounds like every 3 year old girl I have ever had.

      I keep them busy, and separated, but mostly very busy. Luckily, most of them are easily bribed with water paint, lite brite, color wonder, spirograph, lacing animal cards, wikki stix, and the like. They especially like it when the younger kids are not allowed to play with it, too. Makes separating them for peace look like a reward.

      I am not sure it is actual bullying. It is more like they are modeling the provider and picking the one kid pliable enough to "play" I am the grown up with, even if the other kid doesn't enjoy it. Queen Bee 101
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        Omg, this is exactly what I am dealing with right now. I have 3, nearly 3 year olds!


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          Thanks everyone. You're right I would not classify as bullying but if behavior isn't corrected it could. I try very hard to have them do separate activities but the just turned 2 yr old is a little more difficult to keep to one activity. Even when they are playing separately which is majority of the day she still finds a way to be mean. Today for instance opposite sides of table ppl laying with own playdough and she looks at her and meanly says my playdough, or she will be walk across ro ok m not even near her and she will gather her toys and say no stop ok these are mine when other child didn't even pay a spec of attention to be her. I guess I have been lucky that I really haven't had one to this extent all my girls have been more motherly and always wants to help and do everything for the younger child so out of 24 yrs and being first time maybe I should count myself lucky but man I just need.more ideas.