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Should I Close Thursday?

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  • Should I Close Thursday?

    I normally do not feel guilty about closing but I feel like I can not this time. To make a very long story short, my foot hurts, I am not sure 100% what is causing it but I have a few guesses. I can not handle walking anymore the side of the heal is in sharp pain, and pressure causes shooting pain. I am good if I hop but I just can not walk, even on my tiptoes. Then walking unnormal is causing other parts of my leg to hurt.

    So should I close?

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    Absolutely! Hope you feel better soon!


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      Take the day, schedule the appointment and get it taken care of so it does not become a bigger issue. You are injured.


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        I think you have good reason to close and not feel guilty about it. Hopefully it's an easy fix and you're feeling better soon.


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          I had foot issues for a long time so I feel your pain! If you can’t keep up with the kids, it can be a safety issue - so that’s a good reason. The best reason is that early intervention can prevent soooo much deterioration! This is why we alert them to have backup plans.


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            I closed. Thank you all for confirming that it was okay.

            I went to the clinic after work today and got an x-ray. My foot is not broken it just has a deep bruise. I have painkillers and a walking shoe to wear for the next 3-4 weeks.

            I also have a slight sinus infection.