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  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

    Another policy I didn’t think I’d need.

    Does anyone have a policy stating something about being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at pick-up they could share?

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    Here is what I was told. It doesn't matter if they are under the influence, it would be considered kidnapping if you refused to release the child to the parent. You maybe able to keep the child if it is a non bio/adoptive parent, like say a step parent or aunt .... However you can release the child and call 911/cps and report them.


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      Are you kidding me?!

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    This was a very debated and much discussed topic in past years on the board. In my state parents have a right to access their child any time they want. Access doesn't mean coming in to play or staying to hang out. Access simply means they have a right to take their child from care ANY time they ask to. ...even if they appear to be under the influence. I am not an LEO nor am I certified to decide if they are/aren't under the influence.

    There are reasons (most not safe to drive) that could make a parent appear under the influence when they are not. My DH is a Type 1 diabetic. If his blood glucose is low, he appears under the influence. His speech will slur and his actions and movements will be jerky, slow and unsteady. He shouldn't drive in that condition ever but he should also be free from accusations of being under the influence. KWIM?

    I had a parent pick up once that had just left the dentist. She acted as if she had been drinking when she hadn't been at all. She probably shouldn't have been driving either but she wasn't under the influence.

    My advice would be to check your state's laws about this and see what your state recommends you do as a child care provider and have a plan in place for those times in which you feel a parent may be under the influence. In most cases, not all, you can only offer the parent an alternative (another ride home/keeping the child) or immediately call 911 IF the parent declines your alternative solutions and takes the child and leaves.

    Here are other threads about this topic.

    Here is Tom Copeland's blog post about how to protect yourself with a transportation policy


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      Thank you!


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        Blackcat31 Alabama has a policy as well that in all licensed childcare homes & centers that a parent or legal guardian is allowed to get their child whenever they would like during the hours in which they are opened even if a parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However if a parent isn't allowed to get a child because child is in a safety plan etc then we have to call 911 & DHR immediately and let them take care of it.
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          We have to let them go.

          We don't have to be non-confrontational.

          I am cool speaking to dispatch while following them to their car filming and getting their tag number. Happily.

          I am also awesome in giving testimony in court.

          Ask my clients, they have all been warned.
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            How about this for a policy?

            Under the influence of drug or alcohol
            I am required by state law to release your child to you, a legal parent (legal parent is defined as a bio or adoptive parent or legal guardian). However I'm also required by law to report you if I suspect you of being under the influence of drug or alcohol when driving. I will not hesitate to call law enforcement/CPS and snap a picture of you, your car, and your plate.

            So for the safety of your child, and your record, I request that whenever you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol that you bring a designated driver you pick up your child.


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              I like this

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              Sounds great