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How Long Do You Spend On The “Extras”?

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  • How Long Do You Spend On The “Extras”?


    I am hoping to get your input on opening a part-time daycare. My question to you… How many hours do you put in before and after the children arrive? For paperwork, cleaning, prepping, etc…

    I have worked with children since graduating college (and all throughout college). My youngest child will be entering school full time this fall. I’m going back and forth on what I want to do once that time comes. I have been running a party and craft business for children for the past few years. I’m not sure if I want to continue with that come fall (it’s a lot of cleaning, prepping, paper work, transporting equipment…). I’m guessing a part-time daycare would probably add up to the same amount of working hours, but I wanted to see your thoughts.

    One more note…. My home can easily be licensed, as I have a whole basement (with two exits) set up for my children. It houses my play equipment and crafts from my business. I would only want to do a part-time set up (9-1, three days per week). Which I know would work in my area (I have all stay at home moms who hire me for crafts, so I have a lot of connections in our town).

    Thanks so much!

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    The amount of time you spend prepping and cleaning etc is honestly dependent on your set up as well as the type of program you operate. I have been in this business long enough that I've learned to steam-line many things and make my life easier. It requires additional time if you have a preschool program in addition to caring for the other children in care. If you spend alot of time doing crafts with the kids, the set and clean up of those activities also takes more time.

    If you are limited on space and need to take out and put away various centers verses just having them out and available at all times also impacts the amount of time you spend doing "extras".

    Paperwork is also dependent on your state requirements as well as any additional things you are part of. I generally spend my rest period doing paperwork, whereas I know other providers that are busy rocking babies, patting backs or entertaining older non-nappers that paperwork at that time would be impossible. I am sure that didn't really fully answer your question but that's the best answer I can give.


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      I spend a couple hours in the morning on routine cleaning of living areas/floors, meal/art prep and playground inspection/activity set up prior to the kids arrival each day. I also do an hour of clean-up/sanitizing/laundry after they leave each day.

      I used to do a lot during naptime but since I have to use the hours of attendance, instead of the hours of operation like every other home office, I keep my quieter times for rest, exercise and stress management, now. If the kids don't come when I am open for business, I lose write-offs. I see no reason to give away more hours and work harder by multi-tasking anymore. The reward is no longer present for working harder.
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        Each family is limited to 9 1/2 hours a day and I'm only open for 4 days. I myself can work with kids up to 11 hours a day depending on what this child is contracted for.

        On my taxes that comes out to about 13 to 14 hours a day depending on the kids that I had for the year.
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          Thank you for your responses!