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  • Payment Issues

    If you require payment by monday at 5pm and a daycare parent tells you the child wont be there next monday and Tuesday, what is the expectation for payment?
    do you still expect payment to arrive monday by 5? Do you let them pay Wednesday? Do you ask if they have the payment to give you right now (lets say its friday) since they know they will be absent ahead of time?
    im wondering why its so hard for people to understand what a due date is. If your electric bill is due the 20th but you wont be home until the 22nd, do you think its okay to pay the 22nd with no consequences?
    im losing my patience with the disrespect in this career. Asking if they still owe money when a child wasnt there. Assuming they dont have to pay a late fee if they let me know ahead of time they are running late. Assuming they dont have to pay on time because they are out of town. Mind you its very clear in my contract the expectations and no where does it give examples of when its okay to not follow the contract. This is my job, this is how I survive. And if it would make you upset to get paid late or not get paid for overtime, then expect i would be upset too.
    i think this is my last straw. Im going to send out a letter that starting —— All rules will be strongly enforced, no exceptions.

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    If you don't use any kind of daycare app that invoices, I suggest that you check out wave. It is a free small business program. Anyways you can get set up auto invoicing.

    I use it to send invoices, when they are late I resend it with late fees. It looks more business like than a text and it removes my anxiety that I have when I text the payment reminder. I also can change it when I am closed to add a reminder to the invoice.
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      My families pay electronically so this is not an issue any more. I rarely if ever have any discussion about money or due dates.
      It took a bit of being firm and having to have some uncomfortable conversations though before I reached this point.

      If I were you, I would message the parent and say "Will you be dropping off your payment today before the 5PM deadline or will you be bringing it on Wednesday? If you are bringing it Wednesday, don't forget to add the $XX late fee. Thank you!"

      In my opinion these types of conversations seem to be much easier via text as I had to do alot of this talk face to face early in my career.

      If I were in your shoes, I would type up a letter reiterating your expectations regarding payments and state the consequences for not following policies. Let them all know in no uncertain terms that you will NO LONGER tolerate the disrespect of late payments or questions regarding payment."

      I know it's difficult when you are uncomfortable with confrontation but honestly... and there is no other way to say this.... but this job requires you to stand up for yourself and if you don't, won't or can't then the stress of the job (including the disrespect) will do you in and you will end up quitting.

      It's a tough thing to swallow but you have to lead and show the clients exactly what you expect and don't settle for anything less. You aren't in this to make friends so I certainly wouldn't worry about if your clients like you or not. You are providing a service they are choosing to buy. They are taking advantage of you and not because they are horrible people (although it is rude behavior) but because you are allowing them to. It's time to put your foot down and start demanding what was agreed upon when they enrolled.

      You can do this! We've all been at that breaking point and some make it and some don't....this is your time...


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        Something like this:

        Dear Parents

        In recent months there have been several times in which parents have questioned their payment amounts as well as several parents that have paid late, picked up late or simply changed schedules without notice or any thought to how those actions impact my business and my budget.

        Going forward, as of today May 24 ALL parents will be expected to make payments on time. Payment is due regardless of absences or time off.
        Late payments will have an added late fee. Simply paying late with no discussion is not acceptable and may lead to termination of services.

        Your payment is $________ per week and is due NO LATER than 5:00 PM on _______.
        If you do not make your payment on time a late fee of $_____ per calendar day will be added to your balance and the total amount will be due IN FULL before any additional services will be provided.

        ABC Daycare closes at x:xxPM. ALL families must pick up on time. If you arrive after 5:00PM you will be assessed a late pick up fee of $______ per minute. NO EXCEPTIONS.

        I understand that things such as car troubles, traffic or work situations may happen from time to time that may cause a late pick up, While I understand this, I still must be paid for these overtime services that I provide. This fee will also be due in full before the next drop off or services will not be provided.

        I did not want to have to have this discussion with families and assumed that everyone would abide by the contract and policies they signed upon enrollment but I am finding this is not the case and my kindness is being mistaken for weakness. I operate a business with the idea of providing income for my family and when parents do not abide by the guidelines they agreed to, it takes away from my family's ability to thrive.

        Because I must do what is best for my family I am writing this reminder to ALL daycare families. If you have paid on time and have adhered to our signed agreement, I thank you for your respect and consideration!

        Provider Who Has Had ENOUGH!


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          "Payment due by ____ or your child will be refused at the door and your slot will be offered to the wait list. No exceptions."
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            I just went thru this with a family who pays me electronically. They had lost a loved one and didn’t pay on Monday, the child wasn’t here. I felt like the a-hole for charging them a late fee until someone on the forum mentioned that was my emotions getting involved. I explained to this family that payment was due on Monday at 5 PM regardless of attendance and they’ve complied ever since.

            This same issue came up last week with a cash paying family. The family pays me on Tuesday (the kid has never been here on Monday) and I don’t mind since they’ve never paid me electronically. If I’m being honest, my transfers don’t hit my bank until Tuesday anyway. The parent mentioned last week the child wouldn’t be here Tuesday and the parent made a comment (complained) “So I’ll have to drive all the way into town to make the payment on Tuesday instead of Wednesday since DCK won’t be here.” I just said “Okay. The good news is it’s only $XX for the week since I’m closed on XX!” I could tell he was trying to open the door for me to say it was “okay” to pay Wednesday. Truthfully, with fuel prices, it may be cheaper to just pay the late fee

            I’ve learned that people will treat you however you allow them to treat you. Stand firm and enforce your rules a few times and they’ll shape up or ship out.


            • Blackcat31
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              Silly parent... why didn't they just pay early then? It's always assumed late payment should be allowed or accepted since child wont be in attendance but why don't they consider it from the other side and just pay early then? When I had cash/check payments only and I was closed for a holiday etc, I made payments due the day before the closure verses after the closure. It just made more sense to me.

            • GirlMomma
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              Blackcat31 this family is my 8 days/month family so they won’t be here the week before. I still get paid for the slot the entire month - which is another reason I let him slide on the Tuesday payment. But I’m not budging on Tuesday LOL

              I may have to adopt the payment due before the closure policy. I’ve never looked at it that way ☺️