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  • Changing Hours

    Licensing has made us add more policies, so I'll be doing my own changes at the same time.

    Right now, I open at 7. I'll be changing that to 7:30. I seldom have anyone here before then anyway, and I have my own family to take care of in the morning. My daycare is on a different floor, and I'm always having to watch the road in the morning when I'm doing things with my family to see if anyone is coming once it's 7. A layer opening would take that stress away. Plus, a 10.5 hour day is too much.

    Would you give an explanation or no? I thought about just saying "due to family obligations" or something? I don't know. Help!

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    When I changed my hours, I didn’t give any explanation for it.

    When the nosy parent asked why I cut back on my hours (because they used them one or twice before) just told them no one came that early or stayed that late very often so I wasn’t going to offer extended hours anymore.


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      Just simply " this is how xxxxx daycare will operate effective xxxx". Short and simple......


      • Blackcat31
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        I agree. No explanation needed. Most parents only care about how changes impact them. I doubt they really care why you need to do X or Y, just how it will affect their day. In this business it's best to simply inform and not explain. Kwim?