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  • Donations vs Supplying Items

    I go back and forth on supplying wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray, etc. I struggle with the brand I would buy vs what is on sale. I struggle with having the parents provide them as donations to the daycare, so I do not have to return them or have more than one open at a time.

    In my state bug spray and sunscreen needs a permission slip, so I am not sure how it would work to supply or have them as a donation. If I would have to have them sign off on the brand or request only one brand.

    There was a provider that once said, that she has the parents supply certain things and that those things become the property of the daycare. That way she did not have to track who was who or return them when they left. She did this with every disposable thing, such as diapers, wipes, bug spray, etc.

    (Keep in mind, that I just had a parent get upset about spray sunscreen and how it is bad for the child to breathe but that I could spray it on my hands to apply to the child. Also, I prefer the spray because I get rashes from the lotion type. Plus, sunscreen and bug spray can be bought in both pump and aerosol.)

    What would be the best way to create a donation policy?

    Would you rather take donations or supply them yourself? If you supply it yourself, how much description would tell/guarantee?

    How much could one raise rates to cover the cost of supplying said items?
    • Bottles*
    • Diaper Rash Cream
    • Diapers
    • Pacifier*
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Wipes

    * Maybe

    Then the parent would still need to supply the clothes, shoes/boots, winter gear, and breastmilk/formula.

    Good Bye

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    You would supply diapers?? You’d have to raise your rates a lot for all of that IMO. How many diapers would each kid go through. On the low end $50.00 a month. So if you watch 4 kids you’d need to raise rate at least 3.50 a day per kid to cover the diapers. Am I mathing right? Lol

    I like to provide the sunscreen, bug spray and wipes. And toddler cups. It’s just easier for me. I would not want to do diapers or really anything else. Most babies like their own bottle and pacifier. Diapers would be too expensive I feel. Toothbrush and toothpaste not too bad if you can buy a bulk toothbrush set.


    • Alwaysgreener
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      I debate on the diapers too. I've been thinking about just providing the stuff that annoys me and then going from there. But then I end up talking myself out of providing anything at all.

    • Cat Herder
      Cat Herder commented
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      I provide diapers, wipes, formula, and all topicals, it only costs me $5 per week, per child. Easy, peasy, and I no longer have the stress of begging to be able to do my job efficiently. I just added $5 a week to my last rate increase, per child. I am still coming out ahead.
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    • SandBox
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      Cat Herder wow, I am really shocked it only costs you an extra 5.00 per week. I guess that makes sense actually if you are watching a lot of kids. I was basing my math off 4 kids. Doesn’t matter either way, that’s awesome you provide all of that and it isn’t too costly for families. I’ve been running into issues with new prospects that have been using family to watch their kids or they are starting new jobs and have been staying home, they are seeing my rates and running. My rates aren’t high, but I was giving a lot of “freebie” days because before parents were complaining “we have been with you for a while now, why do we have to pay you when we go on vacation” “why do we have to pay you for Christmas Day??” etc. etc. So I said okay, don’t pay me those days but rate went up. It worked. Everyone was happy. Now it’s opposite. 🤣 So I went back to lower rates that are compatible to others around here and no more freebie days. Comes out the same for me either way. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    I have done it a few different ways. In the end, it worked best for me to supply:
    1. Wipes- Amazon or Sams Club brand
    2. Sunscreen- Whatever brand was on sale- usually purchased at Sams and at least a SPF 50 or higher
    3. Bug Spray- Picaridin from Amazon
    4. All play shoes- these are all closed toe, athletic shoes that stayed here
    5. Lightweight jackets- all purchased from thrift and stayed here
    6. All back up clothes- parents bring it back washed at their convenience
    7. 2 snacks and a lunch ("breakfast should be eaten at home before arriving"- food program allows for the AM meal to be a "breakfast", but I labeled it as a "snack" to parents since it's light)

    All these were covered in weekly dues as well as an initial enrollment fee equaled to two weeks plus $75. The enrollment fee would cover the last two weeks with proper notice with all policies followed throughout the term.
    The only things I expected parents to supply for their own child is diapers and they are labeled and stayed in my changing table organizer & drawers. The cost associated with supplying diapers was just too high and cumbersome for me. I upped my rates about $8/week from my area's average to allow for the above supplied items. I also upped my weekly rates to allow for some additional paid days off too- so I was essentially around $20 more a week than the average provider in my area, but I advertised that "I did not charge for my personal time off beyond the Christmas Break and 12 holidays". It was just factored in.
    Although I should mention that I based my rates on contracted timeframes and every client could potentially have had a different weekly rate depending on their needs.

    I also required a monthly donation of any of our commonly used supplies (paper towels, hand soap, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, toilet paper, etc.). If a family did not bring in any supplies, they would see a fee increase of $10-$20/week with their contract renewal (contracts assessed every January and June).


    • SandBox
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      I’ve thought about providing shoes too. I think it would make things easier and cleaner in the home.

    • BaileeB
      BaileeB commented
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      Did any parents ever have issues with the brands of wipes or sunscreen? My son and one DCG1.5 have horrible eczema and very sensitive skin. I worry that if I supplied wipes and used the ones I could get on sale that it would cause breakouts.

    • Snowmom
      Snowmom commented
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      No Bailee, they've never complained. But I tend to buy unscented wipes. If it's a concern, I would up the rate even a little bit more to buy the ones you prefer.

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    I supply wipes and sunscreen. I buy whatever sunscreen brand is on sale and I buy unscented wipes.

    I’ve only ever had one family supply their own wipes and sunscreen. Both were the Hello-Bello brand. I personally didn’t like either of them, but the child had very sensitive skin.