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  • New Federal Holiday

    Today is a new Federal Holiday, Juneteenth, are you open or closed?

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    I am open. Technically it was yesterday but the Federal government is observing the day today. I close on some Federal holidays but not on days such as President's Day, Veteran's Day or Indigenous People's Day. Usually just Labor Day and Memorial Day. I do take long weekends/vacation time over the Fourth of July and Christmas. I also close on Good Friday/Easter Monday as it is a religious holiday for me/my family. Juneteenth will be a day I recognize but more than likely won't close for.


    • Annalee
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      I use the Federal holidays for dr, dentist, etc appointments! Having a qualified sub just isn't feasible now!

    • Cat Herder
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      I do the same as Annalee. Presidents Day is mammogram and eye exam day for me, annually. I get my flu shot and physical on Columbus Day. Labor Day is reserved for the dentist and hair salon. lol

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    I did not place Juneteenth in my contract but IT WILL be in there next year!


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      I am open. I only close for Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Black Friday, one week after Christmas and one week in the summer. I give myself three weeks of vacation/year so I will likely take it the week of Fall Break this year since I didn’t close for Spring Break.

      I am going back and forth on closing for all Federal Holidays. It is something I have been considering for months to give myself more time off. I think in turn, I’d probably cut down to two weeks of vacation/year instead of three.


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        I’m open.


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          I only close with pay for Federal holidays when they fall on the actual workday. Next year (2023) I will close for Juneteenth (Mon), but not Veterans or New Years' day because of how they fall. Last year it fell on a Saturday, so I did not get a paid day off then, either.

          Juneteenth will fall on Wednesday in 2024. That is when I expect the parents to give some pushback, but that is how it goes. I get pushback on Labor Day, Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day and MLK Day. Typically only from new clients, though. I don't cave on any of them. They really seem to be bothered by the mid-week ones the most. IMHO.


          • Alwaysgreener
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            So Juneteenth will not fall under the observe on Monday rule? Because it was yesterday but being observed today.
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          This is the one holiday I haven't included in my parent handbook yet so I'm working today. I totally forgot about it until it was too late to give parents fair warning. With almost everyone going on vacation within the next few weeks, and me going on vacation the week after the 4th of July, I thought I'd just open as usual since most of the kids here today have parents who have to work, too.