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    I upped my rates for new families about 4 years ago. I finally have the last of the old rate families aging out this year - except for one child.

    This family has 2 kids in care and attend 3 days a week. The oldest is aging out and dcm wants to change the youngest dck to full time when school starts. Since this is a new contract, she will need to be put on my new rate.

    She knows my rate, but is aware that she is on the old, cheaper one. I'm assuming she thinks her rate will stay the same. Do I have a conversation with her beforehand, or just give her the new contract to sign that shows my current rate? I don’t know why she would expect to pay my old rate when doing a new contract - especially for a full time spot.

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    Just give her the contract with the new rate. There is no need to create issues by projection. Sure, we all know she may ask about it, but no need to worry about it until then. She may be perfectly fine with it since it only makes sense your rates would go up after 4 years. Mine go up every two, and most providers go up annually. Don't think about it too much.


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      I agree, just give it to her. Not only is she doing a new contract but she’s increasing the time the child is there.


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        I raised my rates a few weeks ago. I gave parents that worked 4 days a week but attended/paid for 5 to choose a 4 day rate (which is the same as old 5 day rate) as I’d really love to have less kids some days verses the income at this point. But low and behold every single family opted for the higher 5 day rate.

        Id just give her the new contract and not say a word. If she does question you, act confused as to why she would think she’s getting a new contract with the same rate. lol! I do think it’s silly that she would expect that (IF she does)


        • Blackcat31
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          Nope… I had them all write down exact days and times for each day.
          I’d guess they would simply prefer not to have their own kids 3 days a week vs only 2 no matter their costs lol!

        • GirlMomma
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          I have no words lol 😅

        • Alwaysgreener
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          Maybe it wasn't high enough

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        ​​​​​​If she asks about the higher rate and it wants to stay just part-time.Then tell her new part-time rate.


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          We raised our rates a few years ago and some parents are still paying the old rate
          Christy Sewell