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Hot Car Death/Verdict Overturned

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  • GirlMomma
    I remember this case very well. My DD10 was about the same age at the time. I still can’t wrap my head around how this happens.

    I always thought it was weird the child wasn’t babbling during the car ride. I wondered how a man that size in that small of a vehicle didn’t notice his child in the car. How could he not bump an elbow with the rear facing car seat situated in the middle seat, just behind the center console? The guy went back to his car around lunch to put something in the car. He did he not see the car seat and remember he didn’t take the child to daycare? But he suddenly remembered after work when he was driving to a movie theater?
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  • Blackcat31
    started a topic Hot Car Death/Verdict Overturned

    Hot Car Death/Verdict Overturned

    I remember following along with this awful tragedy.
    Now they’ve over turned the verdict..