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How Many DCK and Ages?

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  • How Many DCK and Ages?

    Just curious what everyone’s groups look like right now and if you like it or not.
    About 6 months ago I had DS 3mo, DCG1, DCG2, DCG2.5, DD4 and it was chaos.
    Now I have DCB3mo, DS 9mo, DCG1.5, (new) DCG2.5, and DD4.75 and I LOVE it. This group is so much more calm and laid back. DH thought I was crazy for having so many under 3 but honestly it’s sooooo much better. The craziest one of the bunch is DD4.75 and she will be starting school in a month! I thought I would prefer the older kids because they are a little more independent but they are just crazier and more defiant 😂

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    I have a dozen girls.
    Ages 8 months to age 5.
    I used to like the preschoolers best but now I am liking the 15 month to 2.5 yr olds
    Once they hit 3 the sass and attitude of entitlement seems to come out… lol!


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      I have five boys from 22 months to 4.75YO and my two DD ages 2.5 & 10.

      I’m ready for my 4.75YO to go! My group is pretty independent and they’re mostly potty trained. I only have two left in diapers


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        Up until last week, I had a 9mo who can't be put down without screaming, a 17mo who is as sweet as can be, 2-year old who has constant meltdowns over everything, a 2.5-year old who is adorable but has finally come into her "Terrible Two" stage, a 4-year old with major ADHD and probably on the Autism spectrum, and 2 very active 5-year olds for a total of 7 kids. It has been one of my toughest groups ever. The 2 and 4 year old left this past Thursday and I'm looking forward to the most peace and quiet I've had since the pandemic lockdown! lol I love them both, but they were my toughest kids in terms of behavior. I'll be losing my 5 year old kids when school begins. I love them, too, but they're ready to move on. I'll be working to fill my spots but intend to enjoy the relative calm until I do.


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          I am 50/50 with girls/boys. I have 7mos and 11 mos and the rest are above 2. I am interviewing for 18-24 mos kids to take my three schooler spots. I got another notice as well for a family moving back to Florida in a few weeks.


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            I have a total of 5 DCKs. My current group is 3 girls: 20 mo, 2.5 yr old, and a almost 3 years old. The boys are 23 mo and 4.5 yr old. I have a good group, but the older two will be leaving come September so we'll see how things are looking then *fingers crossed*


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              I just have two 2 year olds right bow. I have spots open, but I’m not looking anymore for now.

              I’ve done 2 infants at once with older toddlers. And then another time I’ve had 3 under right around same age of 14 to 18 months with preschoolers. That group was 😳😳. Swoo. I was pregnant too. But one of them was very aggressive. I couldn’t leave her alone with any child for any amount of time. Like to walking out the room to grab something and come back. That was so stressful. Anyway then I’ve had groups of just all ages.

              I think group dynamics matter a lot. Unfortunately one salty kid could ruin the bunch. I am glad your group now is working out so much better!


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                Right now I just have two girls one who is one and will be two in December and one who just turned three in June. I had four up until 2 weeks ago when I had to let my two boys go both of them were three and both of them were cousins by marriage. I figured I would take this time to recuperate considering that both their terminations were not pleasant. The one who I thought was my favorite even left a bad review with lies from the top to the bottom, (I didn't respond back because me telling the truth was far more worse than her telling the LIE so I just let it go) but somehow miss the part about her not a hearing to my sickness policy, and the other family was constantly lying on top of not addressing the fact that their son hadn't pooped since March April. Fast forward to now I'm about to term the three-year-old because she is very much unstable, and may have some underlying issues considering mom's mental health and it's become a hassle to deal with her everyday. So as you see some down time is very much needed and I definitely get that with one child around!