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    Need some new ideas for lunches and snacks. The easier the better!

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    I had great luck with quesdillas- so many things you can fill them with.


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      For afternoon snack we do graham crackers with milk for afternoon snack, goldfish with juice, peanut butter and crackers with juice, banana with milk, animal crackers with juice and for breakfast we do french toast, waffles, pancakes, cereal usually Cheerios because they like them the best, we don't do morning snack because they eat breakfast from 6am until 8am and by 9am they ain't hungry so we don't fool with it. For lunch we do sandwiches on Thursdays, bbq sandwiches, pizza, grilled cheese anything that is pretty much heat and serve and can go in a toaster oven or a crock pot
      Christy Sewell


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        cheeseburger quelisidas - cheese, meat, them beans. yogurt parfaits, any casserole! my boss (our cook) bakes those scalloped patatos, ham and a cheesy sauce, makes a nice dish (and is easy). smoothies are usually a hit too. Nachos. chili. Oh and that casserole with the elbow noodles, tomato sauce, a can of veggies and some hamburger! Homemade chex mix, ants on a log,
        Will report back on anything fun on the menu this week!


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          Pepperoni pizza pasta is the #1 favorite lunch here. Just rotini noodles with a butter sauce, a handful of Hormel Mini Pepperonis and a sprinkle of the thick cut parmesan flakes. If I'm having some, I'll top with Italian seasonings too.

          Favorite snack: stuffed crescent rolls. You can stuff those babies with anything before baking- string cheese, ham, strawberry jam, bananas & cinnamon.


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            Pizza quesadillas or pizza grilled cheese. I use provolone or mozzarella and mini pepperonis as the filling. Then have marinara for group is really into dipping everything.


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              I am not a good cook. So I need simple things to make. I like using leftovers. When it is Mac n cheese day, I will try and convince dh to make it the night before.

              One meal that I love making and the kids love to eat is breakfast for lunch. I use yogurt for protein and toast, pancakes or waffles with hash browns and berries.

              I also make quesadillas, but with cheese only, some of the kids will eat them. I have picky Dcg that won't eat anything but fruit. (She loves Mac n cheese but we make it with cheese and not out of Kraft box, so the pasta shape varies and she won't touch it)


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                My kiddos love breakfast for lunch too! It’s always a fan fave!

              • TwinMama
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                I have a super picky dcg too. She hardly eats anything. It's super frustrating. Mom is a big cause of that. I finally got her eating things at my house. Then Mom yelled at her, because she won't eat anything at home. Now she won't eat at either place.

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              Today we had red pepper strips, cucumbers, spinach salad, steamed broccoli, wild rice and fish portions.
              All my kiddos love veggies (raw and cooked) oddly steamed broccoli is a favorite and there is hardly enough for everyone to have seconds most times.
              I rarely serve fruit outside of snack and never ever serve juice. We do water for most meals/snacks but milk is of course offered. Most refuse and prefer water.
              Morning snack was whole wheat tortillas with almond butter, boiled eggs cheese sticks and baby carrots and water.
              Afternoon snack today is Greek yogurt (plain) with blueberries and water.


              • Alwaysgreener
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                Your kids eat to good. I have one that refuses milk, he says it is too white.

                No fruit juice here either. The only veggie Dcg will eat is carrots but just when it is carrots, she even refuses tomato sauce, (spaghetti). Dcb will only eat corn and is willing to pick it out of mixed veggies. Anything else it gets thrown on the floor or one toddler, puts it behind her back

                Ds is the only eats his veggies.