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Not Very Firm, Now Regretting

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  • Not Very Firm, Now Regretting

    I am so jealous of all of you who are able to stay firm on your policies, even the small ones. I start out thinking im doing a one time favor and it turns out to be forever.
    my drop off cut of time is 9am. My breakfast cut off time is 8am. I have a no outside/food from home policy. I have a child who brings food in with her almost daily now. The reason i have breakfast cut off time at 8am is because i want the area and table clean after 8. And at 9 am we start doing activities. If she comes in with food, my table gets dirty again and she is not ready for the day when everyone else is.
    why cant parents have their child eat at home if they are being dropped off after 8??
    i am mad at myself.
    how can I possibly get this to stop now.
    this is one of the reasons why i am excited to move. Its easier to make/enforce policies in a new environment.

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    how can I possibly get this to stop now

    "DCM, This has gotten out of hand. It stops today. Either get here before breakfast or give her breakfast at home before coming."


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      DCM: "Table is cleared for activities by 8:00 a.m., if your child needs to finish breakfast, please do so before entering childcare." If parent needs to, they can have child finish in their car before coming to the door. Have a plastic bag (grocery bag) ready to deposit any food and hand back to parent. It shouldn't take long for them to either arrive in time for breakfast or have their child finish before they step through the door.


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        If it were me, I'd say something at pick up today like, "Hey, before you leave, I just want to remind you that I have a 'no food from home' policy. I haven't been enforcing it lately because I was trying to help you out but I've found that allowing dcg to eat after she arrives here really does have an impact on our schedule. Starting Tuesday (assuming you're closed Monday for the holiday), I'll need to ask that you either bring dcg in time for me to give her breakfast or you'll need to give her breakfast before she arrives." Assuming no argument from dcm, I'd thank her for understanding and wish her a happy holiday.


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          We serve breakfast until 8am year round if a child comes in after 8 they must have eaten breakfast at home before arriving however if they have not eat breakfast they must wait until lunch.
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          Christy Sewell