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    So I have two potential new enrollments but because they are both under 16 months I can only take 1.
    im not sure which to take since one of the families reached out first but they are wanting to start a month later than the second family

    Family 1 - just moved halfway across the country to my state because dad is in the Army and mom is a RN. Makes me a little worried about them having back-up care. The mom is pregnant and would want to enroll baby after they arrive. Their little boy is 12 months old. He will be almost 14 months by the time he starts. That is a great age since my DS is almost 10 months and I have a DCG1.5. They would want to start end of August.

    Family 2 - dad just got custody of his son after DCS got involved with issues with mom. I don’t know if I want all of that drama here BUT dad is the brother of two DCMs I already have. So this would be DCG1.5 and DCG2.5 cousin. They are all very close, I really like both DCM (they are so sweet and follow all of my policies to a T and have awesome backup care so they never give me a hard time about closings!) Dad is supposed to get custody and have his son (who is the same age as my son, only a week apart) placed with him on the 15th of this month.

    Also mom in Family 1 wanted to give me a hard time about having to pay a holding fee for the new infant when the spot became available and asked why the fee doesn’t go toward the cost of tuition once the child is enrolled (even though it’s not full rate and I explained it would save the spot for her new one so I didn’t give it away). Once I explained that I am running a business she seemed to understand but I worry about her backing out or changing her mind.

    In November another spot for the 16mo and under would open up but she isn’t even due until February so the child wouldn’t start until at least April.

    Do I give the spot to the person who contacted me first but wants to start later (Family 1) or give it to the person who asked later but would start sooner (Family 2)?

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    I always offer the slot to the first person who called + paid. So if the first family is not willing to pay from the date the slot is available, it goes to the second family.


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      I like CH’s advice!

      If it were me, I would offer my spot to the second family because I choose the best fit for my business, regardless of who reached out first.

      I wouldn’t choose the first family. I have a family that moved here from out of state. They don’t have back-up care and the kid is the first one in and (was) the last one out at 5:29 until I put my foot down on the last minute pick-ups. Anytime the child is sick, they’re eager to bring the kid back so they can get back to work. I’ve been asked to babysit for date nights, open early, close later, etc.

      This may not be your experience. But from mine, I likely won’t enroll another out of state family again.


      • Alwaysgreener
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        You know, interestingly, most of my recent calls are from people moving to my area from somewhere at least an hour away and do not have a backup in the area. So far none of them worked out.

      • GirlMomma
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        Alwaysgreener I moved out of state, two hours from my closest family member. But because of that and being a single parent, my boss was really flexible with me.

        My heart goes out to the to any DCF not from around here, which is why I let them pick up at 5:29 or 5:30 on the dot for about a year. But when the entire family showed up 5 mins late on a Friday, I finally told them no more. It was their second time being late, I term the third time. Since then, they’ve been picking up much earlier. I hope it’s a true change and not just a coincidence.

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      I like family 2, but I would be uncomfortable with the parents knowing each other.

      I once had 2 coworkers. I found out that the 2nd one was referred by the 1st one. FFWD I termed the 1st one while the 2nd one was on FMLA. The 2nd one left during her FMLA before I got a chance to replace them. I had a feeling that when I termed, that 1 would tell 2 and it would not belong before 2 left.


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        Okay so if I am going to go with Family 2 (which is what my gut says I should do), how do I kindly tell Family 1? Should I still do the meet/interview with them or should I tell them that since I talked to them I filled the spot? How do I phrase it?


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          Originally posted by BaileeB View Post
          Okay so if I am going to go with Family 2 (which is what my gut says I should do), how do I kindly tell Family 1? Should I still do the meet/interview with them or should I tell them that since I talked to them I filled the spot? How do I phrase it?
          Wait you have not toured the families yet? I wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket and recommend that you give them both a tour time. Then let them know that you are touring other families and will let them know.

          If you tell one no now, the one you choose may be a no show or do something super bonkers during the tour and then you are left with neither option.

          Remember families are not talking to just you, then have contacted other day cares.


          • BaileeB
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            That’s true. I’ve met Family 2 before and I am a little worried that Family 1 is putting all of their eggs in one basket with me so I just want to give them as much notice as possible. And like I said, they aren’t wanting to start until middle to end of next month and the second family wants to start ASAP so the interview isn’t scheduled for a few more weeks with Family 1. I don’t want to make Family 2 wait for weeks (and pass up the pay) just because I’m waiting to interview Family 1.

          • Alwaysgreener
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            Okay then tour 2 first and schedule a tour with 1 but the following week. Make your decision after the 1st tour and then let them both know.

            Remember the spot is not filled until the paperwork and the deposit has been made. Until then continue to advertise and set up tours.

            I recently had a family do all the paperwork but sign the contract or gave the deposit or let me know that they changed their mind.
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