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    Originally posted by Snowmom View Post
    I bought a pack of little rainbow bubble poppers of Amazon for really cheap. They kids LOVE these things. They will spend 1/2 hour just pushing the little silicone "bubble wrap" back and forth.
    We bought a new rope swing for the tree this year too. Something about tree swings just feels like summer!
    We were at a flea market this summer and came across poppers that were 15 x 15 for $25 -30 each.
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      Few weeks back I stopped at an estate sale. The woman had been a teacher. I found a tote of 20 big books for $10.
      Plus many more awesome finds, including a carbon steel pan for $10 and cuckoo clock for $20 (currently sells for $300 new) that is identical to the one i had and that a DCB broke four years ago.


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        Those bubble poppers are such a hit! The kids love them here too.

        In the last couple of weeks, we have added new baby dolls with more accessories, more dinosaurs, new trucks and more building blocks. My DD gets a free, brand new book each month from Dolly Parton’s library. The kids are so excited when the new one arrives!

        Since this is my first year doing preschool, I have new posters and a calendar coming on Thursday. We are starting preschool Monday I am glad I didn’t start preschool today, the kids are so off of their routine!