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    Has anyone taken a part time job on top of daycare?.How long did you work the part time job. Was it worth it. What was your experience. Would you do it again?

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    I have always had a second job. Same with my parents and siblings. It has always been the norm. I have always been nervous about not having a plan B and I have to work so many hours per year in my previous career to keep my licensure for that, too.

    It is also nice to have something that is mine away from home, too.

    *The state has the ability to shut me down for 30 days, at any time, for no substantiated reason while the "investigation" is "pending". As nasty as some of those power-hungry bullies can be, I will never feel safe in this field. Most are fantastic, but every now and then you get one who is just a vile person. Knock on wood, it hasn't happened yet, but it has happened to people I know.*
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      I haven't. Daycare has kept me plenty busy over the years. I used to be open 12.5 hours a day and have pared those hours down as the years have gone by.
      I haven't had time to have a second job