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  • Part Time Child Obligation

    I have a child that will become part time in the fall as she is going to preschool. She will be here on the days she is not in preschool. Should i feel obligated to still do “preschool curriculum “ with her when she is here? I could save money by buying less supplies…and do art projects on the days she is not here.
    i kind of feel like if you want all the benefits of my program, you need to pay the full tuition/full week. I lose money keeping a part time child when i could have a full time child in that spot.

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    I would not offer it to part-time kids.

    Also, she should probably be your last part-timer.

    Full-time tuition, attends part-time, sure I'd offer it.


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      Um for a preschool kid, I would be more inclined to charge for the whole week. Preschools in some areas close more often than regular schools because preschool is not required.

      With PT children they have someplace to be on their non-dc days. Where a preschooler is going to need care on those days that the school is closed and the parents are most likely already assuming that you are going to take the child on those days. I recommend confirming with them that they have backup plans for when the school closes.

      I think that you should continue doing what you always do on the days that you always do them. Sell yourself as a preschool and show the parents that you teach the same things as the school does.
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        I agree with CH and Always. Charge the full time rate regardless of the child’s attendance and market your program as a preschool.


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          I have one going to preschool this fall as well. I still charge full tuition since I charge by the week not by the hour or day or by attendance.
          My DCK will be gone M, W, F and those days are the days I do normal curriculum with the others. If the child was here those days, Id include her but they won't be.
          In your case, I wouldn't provide curriculum if you are losing money due to the child's part time schedule.


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            If the child is here during the time I normally do curriculum work, I would include her; I wouldn't feel comfortable excluding her. I wouldn't go out of my way to make up for what she missed while away at school, though.