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Hiring a Daycare Client?

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  • Hiring a Daycare Client?

    So I have an interesting question LOL
    I tried to reach out to someone who was advertising about her cleaning business. I was looking for someone to come deep clean the main areas of my home that are used for daycare either weekly or biweekly depending on cost.
    I reached out and explained that I run an in-home daycare and asked about getting an estimated cost for a deep clean based on sq ft, etc.
    Well, she ended up asking me if I had any open spots for her two children. I do have the spots but I would feel weird hiring someone to clean my home who is a client. Is that weird or is it just me?
    Would anyone else be a little uncomfortable with that? I feel like it complicates the business relationship a little. Maybe I’m reading too deeply into it?

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    Welcome to the forum. I personally wouldn’t have a issue with it. The bigger question is-if she became your client, would you continue to use her cleaning service again in the future?


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      For me, it would be ideal because the only way she could be on the daycare premises, during daycare hours, is if she was a daycare parent. It would be a huge win for me.


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        This is a great idea because if you think of it, she would be getting daycare and you would be getting your house cleaned a double win for both of you!
        Christy Sewell


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          I wouldn't be comfortable with it. Her children may act up when she comes in and want her attention then break down when she leaves or, every time she goes to her car for supplies or a break.


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            Mixing my daycare business with any other service I might hire doesn't seem to be a great idea to me. If she wasn't happy with the care her kids received (you know how some dc parents can be sometimes!), you'll not only lose 2 kids but your cleaning lady, too. If she stinks as a cleaning lady, would you feel comfortable getting rid of her if her kids were enrolled with you? I'd also be concerned about how her children would behave anytime their mother was there in the house cleaning. I once had a neighbor who also did daycare in her home. She wanted a break from her own kids and asked if I would take them once or twice a week. Knowing their mom was home next door made it very difficult because they would often ask for her and then get upset when they weren't allowed to go home. I can only imagine how difficult it could be to have her in the same house with the kids.
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