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Strict with Children or More Laid Back or Both

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  • Strict with Children or More Laid Back or Both

    Are you strict with the children you care for or are you more laid back or a mix of the two

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    Same with your schedule, strict, laid back or both
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      My program is structured with laid back periods. I don’t know if I’m lucky or if my structure just works, but my DCK are well behaved children!! If I have an issue, I get advice from the forum. Most of the time I’ve separated from the kids who don’t function well with structure.

      In the summer, it’s free play all day - inside and outside. But I do have scheduled times for eating, potty/diaper changes, winding down/relaxation periods and of course nap time. Same time, every day.

      During the months I do preschool (late September-early May) we follow a more structured schedule in the morning. After nap time/snack, it’s free play as most of my children leave between 3-4:30.


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        I am strict with adults and much more laid back with kids. I work with children, on purpose.

        I keep a solid routine, have a lot of activities/equipment/space, and have a good grip on daily classroom discipline. I rarely have to punish or deal with food/nap/behavioral issues or violence.


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          Similar for me with how I deal with parents but I have to say, there are a couple of kids that really are challenging (to say it nicely).

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        I'm probably a mix. I tend to be very laid back - love to joke and tease with the kids - as long as they're behaving themselves, but I can be strict when I need to be.


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          I think Im a mixture between both usually my kids come in with some sort of behavior problems so it causes me to be a little strict at the beginning and once they get used to routine and get used to knowing that I'm the one in charge and I'm the one they have to listen to then things tend to ease up a bit but we're not just playing all day my kids have circle time and set things they have to learn every week and we complete these things one-on-one


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            I’m strict when I need to be. And it’s not often. Some of the worst behaviors I’ve dealt with were result of something going on at home. Kids mimic a lot.

            As far as schedule, I’m slack in summer. It’s so hot and I want us outside early. That really goes into my more structured and educational morning schedule that I do other times of the year.