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  • GirlMomma
    Don’t second guess yourself. Just do it!

    I am charging $35-50 more than the other two providers in my town of 3,000. One provider has a so-so reputation but they take infants, I don’t. The other provider operates like a preschool and only enrolls potty trained toddlers, I accept any child 16 months old and up as long as the child is walking.

    There is one other provider a town over from me that charges more. Their charges for an infant is $235/week and $160/week for a potty trained toddler. They do offer different hours and are on the food program.

    Kindercare (a chain center) is the highest in our area.

    If food costs continue to rise, I know I’ll be getting pretty close to that $160/week next year.

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  • gumdrops
    started a topic Rate Increase

    Rate Increase

    Would you raise your rates if you were me? I haven't raised my rates in 4 years. At that time I went from hourly, to daily rates. For some families their rate increased due to not being here all day, but most families it didn't really affect because I based the daily rate off of my hourly rate, so they haven't seen a rate increase since they started with me (1 family 8 years, another family 6 years). BUT I have the highest rate in my area! Everyone gives family discounts, doesn't charge for vacation/sick days, charges hourly, etc. Daycare is VERY hard to find in my area though, so I'm not sure why providers are selling themselves short. I get calls weekly and I know these people would pay an arm and a leg to find a local provider, but once they're established, they will complain about their current provider raising rates, etc. We are from a very small, tight knit community, so everyone knows everyone, and I hate to be known as the lady who charges "too much". This year I took the summer off and 2 of my families have high school girls coming to their home. These girls are friends with my daughter and both families are paying their summer sitter more than they pay me and I provide food, activities, etc. Re-reading this, I know I should raise my rates, but I keep going back to the fact that I already have the highest rate in the area! If you can't tell from my post, I don't want to be talked about or bad-mouthed!