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    So I’ve been speaking with someone about setting up a time for an interview via email.
    we were supposed to meet tonight at 6:15.
    I told her that before I would confirm (give her my address), she needed to fill out the pre-interview forms on my website by yesterday evening.
    She never did. Then she sent me an email around noon stating that she needs to reschedule. 😐
    Would you take this as a red flag?
    I get that people have things come up but we spoke on Monday so she had a few days to complete the forms.
    I have been ghosted so many times and I am just sick of peoples lack of respect for my time. I don’t even want to entertain the idea of interviewing with this family if they already seem flaky.
    Maybe I’m overreacting lol but I’ve had so many last minute cancellations or no shows and it’s starting to make me mad because I am taking time out of my evening and getting all of the paperwork ready just for my time to be wasted.

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    Since she emailed and asked to reschedule vs ghosting you, I would give another chance. She may have realized she forgot to do the forms and thought it best to reschedule than complete them late.


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      I’d give her another chance. Things come up! It could be something as simple as back to school night for an older sibling, a meeting, sick child, etc.


      • BaileeB
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        I know I’m being overly critical, I am just losing my patience with people lately 😅
        She also pushed for today since I usually schedule on Fridays. She said she has 2-3 other daycares that she is touring tomorrow and she really wanted to do it this week. I have a feeling she will cancel since she is touring the other places but I don’t know.
        I mostly just hate the interviewing part so much 😂 I know it’s part of the job but it’s definitely my least favorite part so it’s hard to have any patience with any of it.

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      I would probably respond with something like, “Oh, I never received the completed forms, so I didn’t have you on the schedule.”

      As far as giving another chance, I don’t know….maybe if she followed instructions and filled out the forms right away, I would consider it.


      • BaileeB
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        Yeah I’m going to ask her to go ahead and fill out the forms and then we can discuss dates
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      Update: She cancelled on me because she found "a daycare with an open door policy". I said, yes, all daycares in our state are legally required to have an open door policy in order to operate... but I am very happy for you and wish you and your family the best!...
      I think she was referring to the fact that she was able to do a tour during their operating hours. It is so funny to me that all of my potential clients hate that but all of my current clients think it is wonderful that I do not allow strangers in here when their children are present. I do not think I am even legally allowed to have potential clients in my home during childcare hours if I wanted to (But I really do not want to LOL).


      • Rockgirl
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        I always do the first visit after daycare hours, too. It’s just me here with other people’s children….I’m afraid to let anyone in!

      • Blackcat31
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        I think that doing tours when you feel comfortable is a good way to ensure you get clients that think in a similar manner. I am sure this parent likes being able to do a tour during business hours now but will she continue to think like that when her child is in care and other potential clients are touring? It's always funny when people think only from their current perspective but don't try to see both sides.

        I once had a DCD that would stop up and visit his DD on my playground during his lunch hour. He would chat with the other kids etc. One day he stopped and another parent was doing the same. The first DCD called me later to tell me he was uncomfortable with a "stranger" talking to his child. I told him it was Janie's dad. He said "I don't know Janie's dad so it makes me nervous" I told him Janie's dad didn't know him either yet DCD talked to Janie when he was here visiting with his child. He just replied with an "Oh" but I could tell by his tone, he instantly understood. lol!