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    Yesterday I got a text message from WeeCare. The text message said something about having a family that needed care in my area. Today I got another text message. When I googled them it looks like they might be a type website. Anyone ever dealt with them or getting messages like I am?

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    Yes, I've personally dealt with them. They are another source for childcare like and


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      I have a strong dislike for Weecare. They take public information (licensed providers with their information posted on county websites) and charge parents a finders fee for texting or calling you to see if you have openings. That's it. Most of these parents think they perform complicated searches but it's not (we know that). New parents just don't understand it's all public anyway. Then they take a portion of the tuition cost as their "fee".


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        Okay, I haven't responded to them but I think I will just block them.