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    Does anyone have a reading loft of some sort? We have a small space and are trying to make the best of the area. We have a spot that a twin loft bed will fit perfectly and could move our reading area up there to create more floor space... but not sure what licensing will think... The bed will have railing all the way around and we are looking to get one with stairs instead of a ladder. Any thoughts?

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    I have a loft in my playroom. It has a high railing that I decided to enclose further with plexiglass to ensure that nothing would fall through the rails. Licensing did not ask me to do that but they did require that I have a gate at the bottom of the stairs.
    I'd be worried about any railing that isn't the height of a deck railing. You need to prevent a fall from a high place onto a hard surface. I don't think a typical bed rail would be enough.


    • ItsAllSonShineAndRainbows
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      I thought about the gate, but a gate is only required if there are more than 4 steps and you have kids under 2. I have a preschool/kindergarten only program, so my kids are 3-6. Definitely would make sure there was no standing when up there, only crawling/sitting!

    • Sahm121
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      Can you post a picture? I’d love to have one built

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    Here it is from three sides. The floor is at about 42" and the rail is that height also.

    Sorry about the mess up there. We don't use it after we finish preschool for the year, so I put a lot of preschool stuff up there.


    • Cat Herder
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      I love this!!! I am now considering it as a movie loft, for when I am mopping and waiting for the floor to dry. It would be pretty great for going home cleanup, too.

    • Annalee
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      This would be like adding another room...I love it, too!

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    I really like the loft idea; not sure my state licensing would allow, though, but I have a high ceiling in my daycare room so this would be a great idea!