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Letting a Potential Family Down Nicely

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  • Letting a Potential Family Down Nicely

    I interviewed a couple families last week and told them i had multiple interviews and would make a decision on Friday. 2 families were interested so i need to let one family down. The awkward problem is that the family i am not choosing, happens to be one of my moms housecleaning clients. There is nothing wrong with this family, i just got a better vibe with the other family… They mentioned how I should be giving myself more vacation time and shouldn’t feel bad when I need time off. Anyone who said some thing like that gets a spot in my daycare lol. Im looking for a nice way to message this family saying I decided to go with another family but i enjoyed meeting them and if anything changes in the future, they would be next on my list to automatically get a spot. Something like that. Im trying to make things less awkward for my mom and hope there is no hard feelings against her because “your daughter didnt choose us”.