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    I have a new baby 11 month, dcm wants baby to self feed but feels that when she doesn't eat enough and then wants me to spoon fed. I have no issue with this and tried feeding the baby more and she refuses.

    Last week she was only here two full days, the first day she completely refused to eat or sleep so I sent her home. Dcm picked up and when they got home she took the bottle and a two hour nap.

    Dcd comes in this morning and says Dcg is hungry when she gets home, she ate a lot.

    (She is on 5 oz bottles)

    IMO Dcg is still adjusting to the routine, space and other kids (distractions) here and she will adapt in a few weeks. Then she will start to eat better.


    Also I found out that she falls asleep on the way to grandma (grandma was taking care of her but lives farther away) so she needs a quick nap here after she arrives and that's why I have trouble with her refusing everything on the first day.
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    Sounds like to me she needs more time too. And it will take longer since she isn’t there full time.

    11 and 12 months is a rough age to start daycare if it’s their first time. They are going through a pretty big separation anxiety phase. If you like this family and want to ease their mind, tell them this. It could be another month or 2 until she’s fully adjusted for being part time and also the developmental stage she’s in.


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      When you say "self feed," are you talking about holding their own bottle, or feeding themselves finger foods?

      At 11 months, they are still supposed to be getting a hefty portion of their nutrition from breast milk or formula. They are on a toddler meal schedule, but it's more for getting them used to foods and to fine motor control. Some of them do eat quite a lot more solid foods than others, but I wouldn't give them a terribly long stretch of time while waiting for them to clean their plate.


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        Self-feed as in she feeds herself foods and then DCM wants me to spoon fed afterward to make sure dcg is full.

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      I think you're right - she may need some time to adjust to being at daycare. As far as spoon feeding her after to make sure she's full, I might offer her more food once she is done self-feeding but if she refuses, I'd respect that and stop trying.


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        I would not spoon feed a self feeding child at all. If the parent wants the child to self feed and DCK is capable of doing so, then that’s what they need to stick with.

        IMO, most of the time a self feeding child will stop once they are full. If the parent/provider continue to spoon feed the child after they stop eating, they’re promoting obesity.

        The child is adjusting to the new environment.


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          That is my thought, she will self feed until full like all kids. I don't have a problem with feeding liquid like foods like applesauce but I am not going to make he eat more strawberries.

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          Alwaysgreener yes! That would make total sense as the child is still learning.