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Toddler constantly gagging/choking

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  • Toddler constantly gagging/choking

    So I have a DCG19mo who I have watched since she was 12mo. She has recently started STUFFING her mouth full. Even if I give her small cut up pieces she will shove a ton in her mouth until she is gagging and almost choking on the food. This just started last week and when I told DCP they kind of laughed it off. I’m concerned. Does anyone know WHY kids do this or how to make it stop? It gives me horrible anxiety every time I feed her. I am having to treat her like my 10 mo and give her a couple pieces on her plate at a time. It takes her forever to eat. I give her full things to bite off and she takes way too big bites, I cut it up and she crams a ton of tiny pieces in her mouth. I can’t win. It’s ridiculous. I told DCP that at her age she should be able to just bite off a piece and eat it and they need to work on that at home. I don’t understand why this started so suddenly when she used to eat fine.

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    I don’t know if I’ve dealt with this to the extreme you are describing or not, but I’ve had quite a few eat like this. I had to micromanage their eating. Let them shove their mouth, took their plate away, told them to slow down and chew, and I’d chew with my mouth and show them. Then I’d give plate back. Rinse and repeat. Eventually it just stopped.


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      For kiddos that stuff their mouths, I dole out their food in small portions slowly so they can't stuff their mouth, I will ask/check to make sure mouth is empty before giving them more foods. As for eating slowly.... I give the kids 45 minutes. I set a timer and give reminders throughout. When lunch is over, lunch is over.
      When kids get to public school, they are given less than 30 minutes to eat and my job is to prepare them for school so I start early. I don't pressure, ask or beg. Kids eat when they are hungry and will figure it out as long as we simply provide boundaries. Food battles are rarely about food.