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  • Postponed Start Date

    I had an interview last week and asked if this family could start right away on Monday, because i wanted to fill the spot right away. They said yes.
    well i told them they could bring the paperwork when they came on monday, but monday came and they asked if they could start next week because the child is sick.
    i was counting on that income and we agreed on a start date. I wish i had the forms and an official start date written down so i could have felt more comfortable telling them they still had to pay for the week. For all i know it could keep getting postponed. I asked that she bring the paperwork this week.
    lessons learned..

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    I'm sorry that happened to you. I know it's beyond disappointing, especially when you're counting on that money. I guess if there's a positive here, at least the new kid didn't bring in whatever illness he has, and the parents were respectful enough to postpone the start date rather than try to sneak a sick kid into daycare.


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      I’ve done similar! Told them to bring the paper work on their first day they come. But I also ask for payment before they show up. But it’s still a flawed system for this reason. I haven’t thought about this happening before. What a bummer on the income part. I’m sorry!


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        I used to have parents come for a signing. This was back when all my paperwork was still paper. I had a dcm come out sign the paperwork but didn't take a deposit, I had forgot to mention it before scheduling the signing so I told her to bring it on her first day. (Again before I took electronic money)
        Well I had agreed to a trail 1/2 day and she was supposed to bring a check then. I didn't have any other client, (I was new and my previous client was fired and had just left) and had some errands run that morning. I rushed back to my house to be on time for her and as I got everything put away and all set up for the drop off time, then she calls, and cancels on me.

        Awhile later, I ran into another local provider, she says "I had a client of yours" She goes on to describe the client and how the Friday before her start date she got a call and dcm canceled on her (again no deposit taken) I said at least it wasn't the day of.