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    We are in a new house and am trying to figure out how to do drop off. We have a two car drive way, but no garage and both spots are filled. There is room for one car to pull up in front of the house, but any more than that will be knocking neighbors drives or be in front of their house. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but we are not "technically" supposed to have people park on the street (though everyone does it anyway, including us...) But this is more than just someone coming to visit, it's up to 10 cars all at once! There is a Club House type thing at the end of the road with lots of parking (us, house, open grass area, club house) so definitely in walking distance even for little ones (we only do 3-6) but not in winter! I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about drop off with the most ease.
    We are a preschool only program, so everyone drops off at 8am
    Parents and kids are required to be AT the door by 8.
    Parents clock in with Daily Connect, tablet goes out at 8am on the dot

    I'm thinking of having everyone park at the club house, and parents come up two cars at a time to drop off/pick up and no chit chat :P But I don't actually like that....
    Currently one of my parents that's been coming over the summer sit in the car either in front of the house or behind the drive way and can be there sometimes for 5-10 minutes. I definitely don't want anyone coming and sitting there that early, which is why I was thinking of having them park at the club house first (this was the rule when we first moved in, but for some reason during summer they forgot...)

    I'm rambling... but I'm just at a loss! School starts Monday! Procedure paper work goes out Thursday and I need to figure it out!

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    My first thought was contract times but you want everyone there at one time since you are a preschool.

    So then I thought to do a drop off line like schools do. Have parent pull up to the end of your driveway and check in via daily connect app on their phone (I think daily connect allows that) or on your tablet. One person goes outside and walks the kids to a secure outdoor play area or inside the house to the other adult. Then repeat until all kids are in.
    Have the next car wait in front of the grass area.
    At pick up, have parent text when they arrive at the club house so you can walk the correct child out. Have parent load the child! for liability reasons.
    ​​​​​​If they fail to text and pull up, have them circle around and go back to the end of the line. Take one child out at a time in order of text.

    Alternative l, have them wait at the club house and Text next back to the family when getting their child ready, so they pull up as you get to end of the driveway.

    Offer to pay your neighbor for the inconvenience of having cars blocking the end of their driveway. Do it in writing and give yourself a big window te in the contract (like and hour before and after the school day)

    Hope that helps.


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      My biggest concern with a "drop off line" is that not all parents teach their kids how to get out of the car on their own. We had a family last year that wouldn't LET their 4 yr old do anything on her own :| Just afraid it will end up being a 10 minute process instead of the 1-2 minutes it should take!

      Also plus, the neighbor on that side likes us! I don't think he'll mind if they are parked over there. There is, however a nurse that comes every day to take care of his mom, and she parks along that side. I don't think they will over lap for drop off, but could for half day pickup (12:30) but I believe she's gone by full day pick up (3:30)

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    I also was thinking of having a 5 minute drop off window. (8-8:05) and doing a couple cars at a time.
    I need to get this out tomorrow afternoon and I'm just annoyed that I can't think of a solution!
    My co-teacher suggested just having everyone pull up (from our house down) and bring their kid to the door by 8. No club house, no walking (unless you're further back in the line) and everyone would be at the door ready to go by 8. This would definitely be the easiest for us. Biggest concern with walking from the club house is that there is no sidewalk. We have repeatedly had to tell parents to HOLD THEIR CHILDS HAND when walking to the door... apparently this isn't common sense...


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      ItsAllSonShineAndRainbows I was thinking at that age you would help the child out of the car (unbuckle and then tell them to get out, helping to teach them). I am assuming that you would have at least 2 -4-year-old kids.

      My 4-year-old son can not unbuckle his car seat all the way, I like it that way. My son can unclip the chest piece as it is and whenever we are in any kind of drive-thru we have to make him buckle that clip before we pull away.

      What is the reason for not allowing a bigger drop-off time? My dd elementary has a 15-minute window and one that arrives after that is tardy but they still can arrive. I would give your kids a 7-10 minute window.

      This was just emailed to us today from my dd school that might help you write something up.

      Parent Drop Off - Parents will form a single file line of vehicles at the east end of the parking lot. Vehicles will only be allowed to make right-hand turns into and out of the parking lot. Students will remain in vehicles until 8:35 AM. Designated staff will initiate the process of students exiting from vehicles. Once students exit vehicles they will enter the school on the east side of the building and will be supervised until they are dismissed to their classroom.


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        We have 3-6yr old's. All of our kids are taught how to buckle and unbuckle themselves, so I know they are capable but I know many parents do it for them. It is a safety issue for me, if something were to happen and I was unable to get to them I want them to be able to unbuckle themselves. We practice when to take them off (when they hear the car turn off) and it does not become and issue. We go on a field trip once a month or more.

        Bigger drop off times have caused issues in the past that I'd like to avoid. I can definitely understand a 15 minute window for an entire school or even grade at a public school, but for 10 kids or less I don't see that really being necessary.

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      If your drop off time is quick (less than 5 mins) why is it an issue to park in front of your neighbors home? As long as parents/kids aren’t blocking your neighbor’s driveways or walking on their property, I don’t think it would be a big deal to your neighbors. If you talk to your neighbors and explain your business, you could get a good idea of their schedules so you won’t cause them any issues.

      Having a daycare, I am very protective over my property. I have religious neighbors that homeschool an entire group of children, they are picked up by a private bus service. Their bus stop is in front of my house - not directly but on the corner of my lot and the corner of my neighbors lot. The kids don’t come into my yard and they aren’t loud. It doesn’t bother me.

      Do you serve breakfast? If you have an assistant, you could do the drop off line, get kids out of the car and send them in to start eating their breakfast. Everyone is done and inside by 8:15 and you could begin the day at 8:30.


      • ItsAllSonShineAndRainbows
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        Cars are not supposed to park on the road. We try to keep it to a minimum and follow those rules. My neighbor on the East side (where they would be) wouldn't mind at all, I just don't want everyone sitting there for 10 minutes.
        We have had to send out many notices to parents to keep their child off other people's property. Luckily the "main instigator" is no longer with us.
        We do not serve breakfast.

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        ItsAllSonShineAndRainbows okay, now it makes sense

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      I tell them that if another parent is here, they are to drive past, loop the cul-de-sac and come back when the driveway is empty. They may not park in front of my neighbors or my home. They may not block the road for any amount of time.

      People way out here (rural mountain roads), are really focused on their privacy and property rights. It isn't something I have to explain often.


      • ItsAllSonShineAndRainbows
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        I actually thought about that same thing, we also have a cul-de-sac at the end of the road. Unfortunately our town (college town) things all property is theirs :P