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  • Keep Going Back!

    This is probably a weird question to ask but I wanted to anyway.

    Have any of you tried to stop doing daycare multiple times and found yourself going back (or know someone who has)? It seems I can't stay away! I have tried to go into another career direction but not only do employers not take my work experience seriously, I also miss the idea of working from home and getting to be creative. I feel a little crazy right now because I am thinking about starting up again- for the third time.

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    YEP!!! I said I was done at year 4, Said it again at year 8, and finally quit for good at year 15! Nothing wrong with going back again if thats what makes you happy! One thing ive learned, NEVER get rid of anything even if you change carreers and are SURE! I quit, sold everything to work retail, rebought it all, then switched to Home health care and sold off MOST of the stuff, then went back to daycare. I just recently gave it up, found a job I love but you bet your bottom there's still two huge totes of teacher stuff in the garage.