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  • Payroll Options?

    I am looking to hire an assistant at the end of next month and I am trying to get some sort of payroll set up to withhold taxes. I talked to someone at ADP yesterday and she gave me a quote that was significantly more than the online quote they gave me after she added all of these “discounts” and “promotions”. 🙄
    I am not familiar with any of this so does anyone else have an assistant and have a payroll company that they like that isn’t ridiculously expensive?
    Online I got a quote of $70/month. Then over the phone they told me $34/week if i want to pay her weekly. That seems like quite a bit and she will only be working 20-30 hours a week. It doesn’t feel worth it at that point.

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    I use intuit/QuickBooks and it’s about $55/month. ADP Also charges you for paying taxes and for creating w2s.

    They used to give a Costco discount and it was only $25/month with intuit, I miss those days! it’s one flat rate regardless of how often you pay but you pay a few dollars extra per addition employees..
    i think some people use gusto, but I haven’t trier them


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      Is it easy to use? I was looking into both Gusto and Quickbooks earlier and gusto doesn’t give any insight into how to use it before you sign up. I think I am going to try Quickbooks because it has the option to track expenses on there as well. It would be nice to get everything in one place.

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    It’s pretty Easy and there’s Tutorials on it you can do. Plus a customer service number that can help you . I liked it thar you can set it up and just click to pay taxes and file taxes , so even for w2s it’s just a few clicks.


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      Try Wave I used them for invoicing and had to prove income for my self recently so I created an employee account and it was pretty easy to use. I did everything for free and didn't actually write myself a check, so I am not sure the cost, if any.

      The invoices are all free unless I choose to use their payment method and then I get charged like PayPal (a small transaction fee plus a percentage)
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