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    So when you start a new child do you have a list of things you need to do (outside of getting all the paperwork and $$ from the parents)? Like supplies, you have to get ready or totes to label with the child's name or things that you purchase just for them?

    What all do you do to get ready for a new child and how long does it take you? How far in advance do you do this?

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    Besides paperwork and fees, I set up their family profile on the childcare management app I use. Then I label their work books for pre-k activities, clean and sanitize their new cot/cubby and label them.

    I make sure this is done at least one or two days before their scheduled start date so the cot has time to air dry.

    I require my DCP to supply their cup, Pull-up/diapers/diaper cream, and two sets of extra clothing.


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      We have a list:
      cubby label
      Shelf label (plates cups ect)
      Item labels (cups, plates)
      Floor spot label
      Nap spot Label
      Nap mat label
      Supply bucket (holds all art supplies for each induvial child)
      Folder for paperwork
      Paper work (see paperwork list)
      Allergies added to list