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    Dcb started with a cough 7 days ago. Symptoms got worse. Advised that if not better they’d need a doctors note. Symptoms worsened. 6 hours in ER and just got an email saying yay doctor cleared dcb and confirming they can come tomorrow.
    policy says sent home for illness automatically excluded next day. My DH says I’m being too picky since they listened when I said to go to doctor (they didn’t. I posted in the vent about it). Plus I’m going to bed now because I feel like I caught dcb cold (my lungs are not100% due to COVID ) so I know I’m not thinking clearly,

    But come on. You just spend half day at ER and rushing to put dck to bed and your first thought is bringing dcb back?

    how do I politely reply NO

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    Any symptoms that require more supervision than normal means exclusion.
    I don’t want to spend my day wiping noses or reminding someone to cover their mouth while coughing.
    If that is the case; stay home til they are 100%.

    That type of care takes away from my ability to supervise and care for kids that are well and healthy.


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      I exclude for persistent coughs. I’ve sent a child home for coughing 10-15x in 15 mins.

      If the kid isn’t covering his cough, coughs often, is disruptive during nap time and has had this cough for almost a week, I’d tell her he can’t come.


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        They were just in the hospital yesterday because it got worse and want to bring today?? No way. 24 hour watch after hospital stay.

        I am so sorry if you have caught this.


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          24 hours at least after an ER visit. Just say "as per my policies, at least 24 hours after leaving due to sickness before returning to care."