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  • Tuition Confusion

    Im trying to stay ahead and figure this out beforehand. I have a child that was contracted 4 days a week at a certain rate slightly less than full week. They are starting preschool next week and a couple weeks ago when i asked what the schedule was, she said MWF full days and asked if half day on Tuesday would be okay. I said yes but i dont have a half day rate, she said thats fine. So i told her that i wont change anything since its still 4 days.
    today she tells me that maybe once in awhile she will come Tuesday if their aunt cant take care of the child. But mostly wont be coming Tuesday anymore. She didnt want to mess up nap here and make things difficult for me.
    now im wondering if she thinks the tuition will change. I dont want to do part time rates anymore. The part time rate she has currently is the least amount of money ill take per week. Its $20 less than a full week. A year ago i allowed a 3 day schedule with a lower rate that only lasted a couple weeks until the parent changed jobs. I hope she doesnt think it would go back to that 3 day rate, especially without asking me.
    If she brings it up or hands me a check for the old 3 day rate, i thought about saying that all my rates have changed since last year and her current rate is the only part time rate i have and the full time rate is much higher than before. Something like saying she was “grandfathered “ in and any new contracts get the new rates and since she needs to change the contract, her rates will change.

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    I’m confused on the child’s schedule. Is the child only going to preschool for a half day on Tuesday and a full day on Thursday?

    If she plans on coming Tuesday sometimes, I would still charge her for Tuesday regardless of attendance. She’s holding a spot.

    If she is going down to three days a week, do what you said. The only thing I’d suggest is you should print out a new contract with her new contracted days and with the same rate you’re charging now. This way she can see she’s agreeing to a new contract entirely.

    I would be prepared for her to back track and keep the same contracted days (MWF and 1/2 Tues) she has now since the rate isn’t changing as I’m sure she was expecting to save money.
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      I would call that a rotating schedule, especially if she needs Tuesday on demand. My Dcm that has a rotating schedule pays to keep all days available. Some weeks Dcg doesn't come at all and then comes all week the next.


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        She does half day preschool Tuesday and Thursday. I guess they were having a little trouble finding someone to keep her Tuesday after preschool and asked if it was okay that she comes to daycare after preschool Tuesday. I said yes but then today she said she was able to find someone but once in a blue moon may need me Tuesday.
        she hasnt asked if tuition will change. Im just hoping she isn’t assuming an agreement from over a year ago that only lasted a couple weeks, would still be an option without asking.
        she was on a rotating nurse schedule early 2021. She would be 3 days one week, 4 days the next and the tuition was different each week. I lost most of my dcks that year so i took any schedules. But then like 2 months later she got a new job and needed 4 full days and occasional fridays. So thats the way its been for over a year. And once my enrollment was full again, I decided no more part time tuition but let them keep their $200/week for 4 days or $220/week for 5 days.
        im not willing to have any child here for less than $200/ week.


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          Just give her the 4 day rate (M/W/F and Tuesdays… who cares if it’s half day or full) and that’s that. If she wants Thursdays at all tell her she’ll need to pay 5 day rate to “hold” the space for when she needs it or do drop in IF you have space but that it will be her regular 4 day rate PLUS the drop in rate

          Her schedule is not your problem. Let her figure out which rate you give works best for her. Don’t make exceptions or bend rules just cuz it might be a half day as you can’t fill around her and IME kids that attend preschool still eat lunch here as that’s why preschool ends at 11:30 in most areas.

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        Blackcat31 she told me today she only needs M W F now. And maybe a Tuesday if her aunt cant take her for some reason. Right now she pays M-Th, 4 days. She can come the 3 days but i dont want to offer a lower rate than the one she is getting now. I could tell her the new part time/daily rate is $66 per day at a minimum of 3 days a week. That will get me close to what she pays now lol.


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          But if you only offer 4 or 5 day rates: that’s her issue to figure out.
          If she only needs 3 that’s her situation to work around.
          I only need half a loaf of bread sometimes but I have to buy the whole loaf no matter how much I actually need or use.

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        I’d still charge her for four days. Chances are, you won’t have any notice for Tuesday drop-in care, she’ll tell you Monday afternoon at pick-up that she needs you. Personally, that would get old real quick if it was me.

        At least if she’s paying for Tuesday, you can expect the child to be there every Tuesday (if she isn’t, great) but you still make the same amount of money you’re making now.


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          Parents THINK they/we are negotiators but not so. A provider I'm mentoring finally got the backbone to take vacation time/holidays...her week vacation isn't for two months and her clients are already hounding her. I assured her we have all been there but to be professionally firm...'yes mam, pay is due, I understand if you feel the need to pursue other daycare options, but I require a two-week notice' Rinse & Repeat.....and it does get easier with time! Actually, when you reach the 30 year mark, you really don't have to SAY anything because your EYES say it for you.


          • GirlMomma
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            Thank you, I know I’m still learning this. I just added Veterans Day as a paid holiday. 😊