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    How do you send home DCK completed pre-k work/crafts?

    Last year, I sifted thru a stack of papers/crafts at every pick up. DCP would make a big to-do about their child’s work at the door. I want something more efficient.

    My DCP are only allowed in my foyer - which isn’t big enough for a small table with assigned file folders or mailboxes.

    I was thinking of having take-home folders assigned to each family and sending them home one day a week. Has anyone tried this?

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    I have a cubby room with preschool sized open lockers. Each locker has a cubby basket assigned to each child. I put all their take home stuff in their baskets.
    Sometimes I will have items stacked and ready to go and I will just hand the items to the parent upon pick up. If anything is still left in their baskets or the pile at the end of the week, I'll just toss it out. Storing stuff is not something I care to do... it gets overwhelming and I don't have the space to do it so if parents don't want their kids stuff, I can't make them so take it or I toss it.


    • Annalee
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      I'm glad to hear someone else throws things away; I was afraid to say that when I read this post this morning.....I just can't keep all of this stuff.

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    My entryway is in my laundry room. After the child is done with the project I or DD or the child takes paper to the dryer. I have magnetic name that I place by each child's paper or on. The children always remember to grab their papers so I never have to worry about tossing them.

    Except for when the parent doesn't take it out of the car and it blows out of the car when they open the door to put the child in.

    I do not expect everybody to keep everything they get sent home but just like my DD, I at least tell her how great she did and toss it when she's not looking. Of course keeping the best items as memory items. (You know for the graduation open house)
    Good Bye


    • Alwaysgreener
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      Just want to add that their paperwork sits right next to my tablet/sign out sheet.

      Also the school each boy tries to throw his away but I always send it home because it just shows his non-compliant attitude that he has for me. I've even gone as far as putting his name on a blank piece of paper because he pouts and refuses if he's not getting his way. (Example I give him crayons instead of markers or water paint instead of finger paint. Note that all the other children younger than him have and are using the same thing I have given him)

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    I wish I had that amount of space for lockers! Or a larger foyer! LOL


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      Every friday all there art stuff and random stuff they tend to leave, goes in a walmart bag on their hook. If the bags still their at closing, GOODBYE bag! All the parents know this is the system and are smart enough not to question the policy


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        Do you think parents would bring back reusable bag or folders on Monday if I were to do this?


        • Annalee
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          I tried to do book bags with a book and puppet/stuffed animal/something related to the story and it was disaster......some were good at bringing back, some not. Really frustrating because family engagement is huge to a child's overall success but it just don't happen and is becoming the same way in kindy and moving forward!

        • Blackcat31
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          I had same experience as Annalee. Some were great and others forgot continually so it just became frustrating for me to manage. It’s just easier to hand parents their kids work or have an easily accessible place to keep it so they can grab it and if they don’t take it by Friday, toss it. You can’t force parents to care about their child’s art or worksheets… they’ll just disappoint you every time. Like food… all you can do is offer and the rest is up to them (parents)

        • hsm
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          I had pretty good luck using three ring binders a few years ago, but they only went home once a month on Fridays and they had up to 10 days to return them. I usually got them back the following Monday - one because they were good about returning and one because I don't think it ever left their car. The binders only held materials related to our curriculum. Random coloring pages etc were the responsibility of the DCKs to take home. If they didn't, it went in the trash that night.
          I like the idea of using reusable bags. I'd keep the bags on the coat hooks and then just pull out the papers and hand them to the child or parent at pick-up time. No need for them to return anything but it's stored conveniently for you.

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        Thanks everyone!


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          I send everything home in self-sealing t-shirt bags. AmazonSmile : Spartan Industrial - 14” X 20” (100 Count) Self Seal Clear Poly Bags with Suffocation Warning for Packaging, Clothes & FBA - Permanent Adhesive : Office Products

          They stay closed, drama free, clean, dry and make it home.


          • GirlMomma
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            That’s a genius idea!

          • Cat Herder
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            I got tired of so much "art" being left under my deck after it fell through the cracks and was left there.