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  • Covid Exclusions

    I know everyone's state is a little different but I was wondering what all of your policies are for covid symptoms such as do you exclude if they have a runny nose until they have a negative covid test etc?

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    I exclude for symptoms - not illnesses. The symptoms I exclude for are:

    -100.0° fever or higher
    -excessive/persistent cough**
    -green runny nose/excessive runny nose
    -discharge from the eyes
    -lethargic behavior

    *if there isn’t a known illness going around, I will allow two loose BM before I exclude. If I know there is a virus going around, I send them home after the first loose BM.

    **if a child coughs so much in a short time span, I exclude. I sent a child home for coughing 10x in 15 mins.

    ***if I’m constantly wiping any runny nose I will send home


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      I simply exclude for any illness symptoms. If a child had a runny nose and no other symptoms for example, I wouldn't exclude unless it fell under my normal exclusionary policies.

      If I knew the child (or another family member) had been exposed to COVID I would probably require a negative test but unless I had specific reason to ask for a COVID test, I am just back to following my own illness policies as they were pre-COVID.

      I should add that if necessary I have the ability to test a child on-site and get results within minutes using CUE testing which test the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 and has a 97.8% accuracy rate
      The system was provided to FCC providers during the height of the pandemic. It's pretty cool really..


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        That is really cool I'm not sure how I feel about testing someone's child though. I'm still going to look into it Thanks


        • Blackcat31
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          My DC families love it! So far it has eliminated the long waits for clinic test results and the need to find/buy home tests. I was nervous at first as well in regards to testing someone else's child but it's brought a lot of peace of mind for me since my biggest COVID fear was a parent not being transparent about exposure etc and with my DH being a Type 1 diabetic, it's so important that we do our best to avoid him getting sick. A few years ago Influenza nearly killed him. He got it from a DCK who we all thought just had a common cold. Turns out they had Influenza, had tested for it when symptoms had gotten worse but never told me until a looooong time afterwards.

          It was a mess. It was also a turning point in my level of strictness regarding exclusion for illnesses. Now, I no longer take chances or give any family "special"