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  • Breaking Contract Vent!

    New parent signed contract 8/10 but didnt start til 8/15 because of illness. She told me today she cant afford daycare anymore. I mentioned my 30 day notice but she was like i cant afford it. She tried to say she thought she had 30 days to terminate with no notice, i think she forgot its been over 30 days now. I said i didnt know what to tell her and she said she didnt know what she was going to do. It was an awkward stare down. I am pissed! I need money too these people look at us like its no big deal.

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    This makes me mad for you!! I am so tired of parents acting like this isn’t a job and source of income. I just posted about a mom asking me to waive the fees for her child for next week on the days she won’t be here. Like uh? So you decided last minute to keep her home and now I lose money? She said they are “figuring things out financially”. Not my problem. Sell one of your 2022 SUVs or maybe downgrade from your $300,000 4 bed 3 ba newly built home for you two and your 1.5 year old. 🙄😒


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      I’m sorry! That’s so crappy. Ugh. You can take her to court, but I don’t know if you’d want to do all of that. I’ve also read that they don’t tend to favor DC providers. Even the courts treat us like scum.


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        That stinks! I'm sorry it happened to you. Hopefully you can find another child soon to replace the one who left.


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          I’m sorry this happened. This has happened to me twice, just this year. It doesn’t surprise me, a lot of families are struggling.

          I reminded them a two week notice was required and $xx is due for the last two weeks. Both families acted like they wouldn’t pay at all so I offered to “meet half way.” I waived one week and they paid me for one week. I know I shouldn’t break my own policy, but court will cost me more in fees/substitute pay.

          To avoid this in the future, I started taking deposits, which will be applied to their last tuition payment. My deposit is equal to one week of tuition.
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            I found a temporary replacement that might turn into long term. I texted this parent “Good morning, I've decided to terminate the daycare contract effective immediately. Im waiving the 30 day notice that is required. Thank you.”
            i wanted to be in control and basically let them know i dont want them to come back.
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              I'm annoyed for you ! Sorry that happened 😔 I hope you find a good replacement soon.
              I had a dc mom text me last week asking if my price would drop because her daughter would be coming 2 hours less daily? Mind you this child is still here 6 hours a day.
              I told her the fee stays the same! This family has season tickets to professional football games all season and want a discount for daycare.