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    Two of our teachers are mad at each other because one teacher tries to help everybody and even tries to take over the other classroom as if it's her classroom too and she's been told not multiple times and to let the main teacher handle it. This teacher that I'm referring to jumped all over me yesterday because I had just received a text from another teacher and just had looked at it after she had sent it 5 minutes ago because we don't get great signal in the other building and then Monday a parent brought their kid in late and the kid was upset and didnt want to stay so mom put the kid in a chair next to me because I was still eating breakfast and I let him watch a video on my phone so that she could leave and the teacher said that I shouldn't do that that the kid needs to eat at the other table and that if the administrator saw what was happening she would have something to say. (I'm a teachers aid but I volunteer) and then they put out a notice back last year about cell phone use and how you shouldn't have your phone out while you were watching kids and I get told I need to have mine on me in the event that someone needs me. Ok, I'm being told one thing then everyone else is being told something totally different and I'm doing what the policy states to do and I get told no that I need to do the opposite. How do we deal with this????
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    Christy Sewell

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    If I wanted to continue volunteering there, I would clarify any policies with the person considered to be my boss and I'd ignore what anyone else told me. If someone in a position above my boss told me something different from what my boss said, I would follow up with both of them to get further clarification.

    Honestly, though...given the drama that seems to go on there, I'd give some serious thought to volunteering anywhere else but there. I don't have much tolerance for drama these days and if I were volunteering my time and energy to an organization or business, I'd want to do it in a place where I was respected and appreciated, where I didn't have people bickering with each other and jumping all over me for something they felt I should have done differently.


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      e.j. pretty much can't have my phone when I'm watching a class but i can when I'm not in a class and the main teachers can't have theirs period unless its an emergency or they need to make a phone call.
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      Christy Sewell


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        I don’t think there is any such thing as the perfect job.

        You just weigh your pros and cons and go with it. Like E.J. said, if the chaos/stress gets to be more than you can manage it might be time to move on.

        Different rules for different people is par for the course in any job I think and while it is frustrating it’s also unavoidable unless you work alone or for yourself.

        I’m sorry you’re dealing with this


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          Pros are i love my job. Cons are we need better teachers and people who learn to get along!
          Christy Sewell


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            My oldest son and I have this conversation alot; I tell him no matter where he works, when you work for someone else, there will be days when you feel like 'why do I put up with this'. Even when you work for yourself, there are those days. Only difference is when you work for yourself, you can pick up and move on or get rid of what is causing you issues. I worked in center care from 1989-92....The person that hired me was AWESOME; but when the daycare sold in May 1992, I lasted till November......just didn't work.....started my OWN home child care.......Thirty years later, here I still am.
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