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Best Non-Toy Item You've Bought for Your Daycare?

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  • Best Non-Toy Item You've Bought for Your Daycare?

    Mine would be the driveway alarm. It's the best thing! I love knowing when a parent is pulling up the driveway instead of being surprised and caught off guard by someone coming in the door. Especially those parents that show up unexpectedly or unannounced Gives me a couple minutes to get their child changed, things together, etc.

    What's yours?

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    Love my driveway alarm. Best purchase ever.


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      Pocket chart LOL


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      I've been thinking about getting a driveway alarm for a while now but haven't yet.

      The best non-toy I've bought for my daycare room was an air conditioner. I wouldn't be able to survive the summer without it. The second would be an extra wide baby gate that separates the daycare room from the kitchen/dining area. Before I bought that, it was hard to keep the younger kids from crawling out to the kitchen and being underfoot while I tried to get meals ready.


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        Barf bags. I bought them because of my dd10 but would use one with a dc child if I ever had to, supervised of course.

        They contain the smell, the colored bags camouflage the appearance, and they tie shut for easy disposal plus no cleanup is needed.

        DS4 used a couple a few weeks ago when he was sick.


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          Security cameras and a decent storm door are the best things I’ve purchased. These days, you just don’t know anymore. I can check the cameras when I hear the doorbell ring, they cover every inch of our property outside - no blind spots. It also helps enforce arrival/departure times since the footage is time stamped. The storm door stays locked and provides a barrier if I decide to open the door for someone I don’t know/not expecting.

          The Bissell Crosswave is the second best thing I’ve purchased. It vacuums and mops at the same time… saves me soooo much time!
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