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  • I Don't Know Now What to Do

    I have been providing daycare for almost 25 years now and over the past two years I have really considered closing my daycare with these last 6 months really looking for another job opportunity outside the home. My biggest issue is I'm the breadwinner of my family and the pay out there to switch careers for me I will not be able to make ends meet and I'm also looking at all the changes in daycares and what they're doing and in a few years if my in-home daycare will even stand up anymore as in home daycares are just going to keep closing. I am lucky because I do not have issues keeping my numbers up I'm always full even through the pandemic so I thank God for that. I just don't know what to do I have considered maybe redoing my daycare and doing more part-time as part-time seems to be a really big thing in my area I could probably cut back some kids and some hours and still make more than if I went out into the workforce but then I'm still worried about what's going to happen in a couple years. This group that I have I don't think I have had a worse group in my life and I think it all has to do with all the kids that I have except one were born during covid and it's just awful I dread every single day.
    I'm scared I'm confused I just don't know what to do for those of you that have closed and were the breadwinner of your family I mean how did you do it? I can't close and then go look for a job but then I can't look for a job and then close because I would have to give too much notice it's also complicated maybe this is just a vent I don't know just a daycare provider trying to find options.

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    Can you afford to add an assistant and take away some of your responsibilities?

    i was in the same boat and in June I made a true pros and cons list and ultimately, I can’t afford to close daycare. So I made a list of what it is that I loved about daycare and started making changes . Im not doing as much as I used to and I’ve started enforcing and adding new policies and not allowing myself to feel guilty about it. My group is all 3 and under, so also pandemic kiddos. I added some unpaid days off this year and will be adding more paid days off next year.

    i did go back and earn my teaching degree so I have a backup if I realize the time is right to do a switch (maybe create a tutoring company?).

    overall, I don’t think it’s the kids that are the issues. It’s the new generation of ME parents who want all this alone time without their kids and I have to accept that… while also enforcing my policies and not feeling guilty when I close.

    Good luck


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      I was having a hard time too and realized that I just really don’t like taking care of infants so I have started turning away anyone who inquires for an infant spot. Right now I have more than I’d like but they are close enough to walking now (hopefully all will be by Christmas) that I feel I can wait it out. Maybe you can let some go that are really causing you headaches and replace with kiddos you carefully interview? Or lower your numbers so your day is a little easier? Maybe go down to 4 days per week? Or like another poster said, hire someone to assist you? Can you schedule more days off here and there? Hugs, I feel for you!!!


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        Originally posted by TenderHearts View Post
        I... but then I can't look for a job and then close because I would have to give too much notice...
        I think Sahm and littlefriends offered better advice than I can, but I did want to add that if you were to find a job that made it financially worth closing your daycare, you need to do what works best for you and your family. Often times, potential employers expect to wait at least 2 weeks since most people give a 2-week notice to current employers. If you agreed to give your dc families more time than that, you could always explain the situation and ask if a new employer would be willing to start you at a slightly later date. Many will wait for the right job candidate rather than take the chance of losing them. In the meantime, if you start to seriously look for a job outside of daycare, I'd suggest putting together a list of childcare providers in your area and have it ready to hand to your dc parents when you give them notice. Bottom line, I wouldn't let a notice period keep me from looking for a new job if I felt that's what I needed to do for me and my family. Good luck with whatever decision you make.