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    All of the paperwork that I have parents fill out is on paper vs the computer. I'm thinking of having parent's fill out forms online so that I can save some money on buying ink and also it would help with all of the errors/going back and forth because I can't read what was written.

    Does anyone have any experience with creating forms online, or any suggestions on websites/companies that will enable me to do so? Also about contracts/enrollment forms/updating information for both child and parent do you all do them yearly or just when a child first starts. Thanks in advance!

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    I use jotform for online forms. I posted some of my jotform's awhile ago that I was sharing, like toilet training, about me, and food program.

    My state requires me to use their forms for child info and I am required to have them update yearly. I just send the client the states PDF and most fill out the PDF but some do print it.

    For other forms, I save or print my word file as PDF and send it to the client.


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      You could also use Google forms or Wufoo forms. I like hot forms because you get five form free and your email includes details vs Google form you get a notification that someone completed a form but you have to log in to see who and what they entered.


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        I just scan all the required forms into a pdf and have parents print them out themselves (and then fill them out) before returning.
        My state provides most the required forms in pdf format already so that helps!


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            Thanks for the replies! My internet was down so just now seeing your responses.


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              I do the same as BC, adobe pro has been a huge time and space saver.


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                I do not know the difference but I just use the free version, adobe reader dc and I can create (by saving or printing to pdf), complete/fill, and sign the pdf documents.