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IF You Had to Open a New Home Center Today.....

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  • IF You Had to Open a New Home Center Today.....

    would you? I am considering opening a small home daycare next year when I move. Our area is pretty desperate for daycare so thats not a issue. I would be doing infant to 4. I would do a preschool style program based off the EHS learning standards. Ive done childcare in centers for 10 years so im not worried about that. Im not even sure where to start. I would need to be licenced as i would want more than 4 kids in care

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    Yes I would still do it today!

    Looking at my state requirements and they do look daunting and complicated but in reality the process is easy and simple.

    Maybe you can find /join a Facebook group for home providers in your state. In my experience most providers are willing to help newbies with questions etc…


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      Like BC, at the end of the day, it's doable, the perks are probably no different than any other job BUT I get to make my own rules/guidelines....still have stress, frustration but I also have the ability to shut-it-down quickly if need be for an issue within my own family SO I HAVE ALL CONTROL.
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        I love having my daycare! When I first looked into getting licensed it looked super difficult but it turned out I was just kind of over thinking it. Once I slowed down I realized it was very do able! Didn’t take too long and I like my consultant.


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          It is still the only job that allows me to meet all of my personal goals while earning a living.