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    DCM contacts me and says DCG will not be here for a week (telling me 10 days in advance) I just say okay but do not ask why.

    DCM contacts me and says dcg will not be getting off the bus but does not say why. (anything could have happened at school, wet her pants for instance)

    Although I wonder why, I do not ask because I do not tell them why I have a planned closure, although I do say why I am closing if it was unplanned.

    However, if I call the school and say that my dd will not be in school, I have to give a reason of she is marked unexcused.

    (At my last job, if I called in, I was not required to give a reason. For instance, when my SIL went into labor, I called in and just said that I would not be in that day and no one ever asked why (except nosy co-workers) )

    So do you require a reason for why the child is not at childcare?

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    I usually say something like “Ok thanks for letting me know! Taking a vacation?”
    i straight up ask lol they always ask me personal questions so i feel comfortable asking them things.


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      I don’t ask. I have some parents who will tell me, others who bring it up later and some won’t at all.


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        I do not ask either but I if I have to remind them of a payment or if they're going out of the country state I will need a covid test for them to come back in but other than that their business is theirs and mines is mine


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          I don't require a reason but my dc parents usually tell me why their kids won't be in. If they don't mention why, I might ask but a lot would depend on the situation and the parent. If they text or call the night before their kid is scheduled to come in or contact me that morning, I might ask if dc kid is sick just so I know if the rest of us have been exposed to something. If the parents are letting me know well in advance and I have a good relationship with them, I might say, "Ok, I'll mark it on my calendar. Sounds like you might be going on vacation." If they don't seem to want to talk about it, though, I'd just let it drop.